Thursday, February 24, 2011

You know you're ready to deliver when...

So everywhere I go lately, people keep giving me these surprised looks.  As if to say, I can't believe you haven't given birth yet...  As for me, I'm not surprised.  Elizabeth was only born on her due date because they induced her, so I wasn't expecting a super early arrival for this one either.  But I am ready in the sense that I would like to not be pregnant anymore.  Pregnancy isn't too bad, but it definitely has several downsides that a lot of people don't talk about.  I think they might feel like not being thrilled with every pregnant moment might make them bad mommies.  That's just not true.  But that's another post all together.  No, this post is an attempt to be a little funny.  Things I have decide on the road to delivery and things I've heard other mommies say that I just couldn't agree with more. So here goes, you know you're ready to deliver when...

1) You drop something on the floor and leave it.  It's not worth bending over to get it.
2) The bag boy at the grocery store asks you if you want help to the car, and you have to stop yourself from saying "what do you think".
3) If you call a family member and they answer the phone "are you having the baby".
4) Your cat is upset because there isn't enough room on your lap for him.
5) You have to wear an apron when baking because if you don't you accidentally rub up against the counter and get flour on your shirt.  Only, you don't know you have flour on your shirt because you can't see that part of your body.
6) You have to propel yourself out of seats and sometimes to start walking.
7) Taking baths sounds more like a chore than a nice relaxing idea.
8) Your belly button looks like one of those turkey timers that pop out when it's done.
9) Everywhere you go people look at you in surprise or pity, and when you leave they wish you good luck.
10) Your belly regularly looks like that scene from alien when it's about to pop out of that man's stomach and when that happens the people around you have the same expression of horror/awe as the characters in the movie.

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Nichole said...

Oh, how I remember those days! You are almost there! :o)

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