Worthwhile Wednesday- aka Going Granola

I've blogged a time or so ago about our changing lifestyle and the changes keep on coming.  Yes, we're trying to become healthier, but also self sufficient.  We started our quest to just save money, but now we're seeing the impact that being "granola" can really have on our community and health.

Why granola??

When we started making changes, we came across some laughter from other people.  Everything from we were "hippies" to you guessed it, "granola".  After awhile I came to embrace the term.  So it's further down the road I go, on my way to sustainability or as I like to call it "granola town".

Therefore, I've added a regular "granola" post on Wednesday, since about every week we make a new change to our lifestyle.  It contains things I love about our changing lifestyle and practical ways that you can save money and impact your community.  So it might just be worth your time to check in on Wednesdays.

So look for a little crunch in your life, as I travel down the road to granola town....

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Granola...I guess so.

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