Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On my way from a little crunchy, to full on granola.

It's further down the road I go, on my way to granola town.

I've blogged a time or so ago about our changing lifestyle and the changes keep on coming.  Yes, we're trying to become healthier, but also self sufficient.  We started our quest to just save money, but now we're seeing the impact that being "granola" can really have on our community and health.

Therefore, I've decided that I will probably add this as a regular post, since about every week we make a new change to our lifestyle.  It will contain things I love about our changing lifestyle and practical ways that you can save money and impact your community.

So look for a little crunch in your life, as I travel down the road to granola town....

What's new in granola town this week?

We are now buying all of our perishable items from the farmer's market and a local farm in our area.  You name it and we buy it elsewhere.  Eggs, cheese, ice cream, buttermilk, milk, cream cheese, beef, chicken, and pork all come from our local farm store.  Veggies and fruits come from our garden, the farmer's market, local orchards, or my grandparent's garden.

Why do we go to this extent?

It feels good to buy local.  I like giving my money to someone I know, rather than my profits going to a company that may not be American owned and is very unconcerned with my preferences in food quality.

I like the taste!  I didn't realize how different cheese, milk, eggs, or meats could taste...but the less you do to those products the better they taste.  I don't think I could go back to pressed turkey lunch meats or homogenized milk.

I LOVE the price.  That's right folks, we may sound new-money pretentious, but we're far from it.  I've got a budget just like everyone else and I stick to it.  But guess what?  All this is way cheaper than buying it from my local grocery store, who keep raising prices due to transportation costs.  The produce from my local grocery store cannot compare to the produce I get from the farmer's market and I pay LESS.

I love the people.  Like the fact that the farmer at our local farmstore front always gives Elizabeth a chocolate milk when we show up.  Or the farmer we buy a lot of our produce from throwing in free veggies or signing us up for his seconds (veggies that didn't make the cut to market that he sells for next to nothing for purees etc.).  Or that I'm friendly with most of the people we buy from and learn more about growing my own veggies from just having a conversation.

Now does all this mean I don't buy things from the grocery store?

No, not by any means.  I don't mind the processed foods and yes, I even use them to cook.  No, I don't seem them as evil or wrong.  But I'm trying my best to slowly remove my dependence on them, with small changes to our lifestyle.

I'll probably never get rid of all processed foods, but if I can help my community, while giving my family a better quality food then I'm going to take that option. 

Besides who wants to be totally vanilla?  I like having a little flavor in life...a little crunch if you will.

Next up, on my way to granola town- Making my own yogurt!


Amie said...

Our farmers are going to have grass fed beef soon!!! I hate to see those little cows go. We saw them in the spring. But i'm sure they are big by now... and tastey... Can't wait to see how you make yogurt!

Amber said...

I love shopping locally, it's fun to visit the farms and creameries and the Farmer's Market is always a great weekend event. Granola crunching has a lot of great things to offer!!

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