Friday, February 25, 2011

Lots O' Fun!!

So today was about having a Mommy and me day.  I have to say I think it was a success.  We got up and got ready to head out to the museum.  Once we got in it was all fun and great for an active two year old.  There was a grocery store, playground, coal mine, theater, tv station, lab, dress up area, bank, bubble station, aquariums, a plane, and an art center.  There were a few other things too, but that was most of it.  She had a blast.  Which you can see below.

Working at the bank, though I think they need a computer upgrade.

Coal miner Elizabeth, just like her Great-Granddaddy!

Walking past Noah's Ark.

Going shopping.  Is that fish??


All the dinosaurs are getting a drink at once from the farmer's well.

Milk, the number one essential.

Bubble table!!

After that we headed to one of our favorite restaurants to get some fried rice and egg drop soup.  I know it is strange, but I have the two year old that loves egg drop soup.  She also could eat her weight in those crunchy noodles they put on the table.  Not the healthiest of foods, but hey it was Mommy and me day and I lost three pounds.  ;)

Once we got home it was nap time, but it was a little hard to get settled down after such an exciting day.  We read a bunch of great books, including the No-Good Baby, which I hope gets us ready for baby sister.  Now that daddy is home we heading out to eat (hoping to order a little healthier than lunch as I'm starting my own weight loss challenge) and to get some thank you cards for all the wonderful people who have been so generous with our soon to be arrival.

Baby Weight Loss- Day 1

So yeah, I know I haven't had this kid yet, but I have already lost some weight.  Surprised?  I was too.  I lost 3 lbs from last week's dr appointment to this week.  First I was worried, but then they told me it was normal to do at the end of a pregnancy.  So yay for weight loss! 

This also got me thinking, how am I going to start losing weight once I come home from delivery?  Now I know I'll be chasing a two year old, keeping up with a newborn, and keeping a house clean...but what could I do in the beginning and what could I work my way up too.  I'd like of course to lose the baby weight, but also I was a little overweight before getting pregnant and would like to get back into "fighting" shape (as in being able to chase down that two year old without losing my breath).  So I checked the internet for different workout classes and such.  No mommy and me classes, swimming with your toddlers doesn't start until May (even though it is indoor pool), and right now I'm not sure a gym membership would work for us.

So here's my question to everyone. What are some ways you are trying to lose weight?  Extra points for including things I can do without spending a lot of money or that I can do in my area.  Oh, and I will include that we do have a wii, wii fit, ea active, and a double stroller.  So all these things could be included in my workout regiment.  As for food, I'm not a huge over eater, nor do I go nuts over sweets etc.  However, I do have a horrible addiction to soda, which I have had to avoid during the pregnancy and will also avoid while breastfeeding...but it always draws me back in.  So any advice on getting rid of it completely is also greatly appreciated.

Now I haven't been blogging long, and I just recently have been trying to expand out of my family who at the moment are almost all my followers.  A friend from high school also had a blog and helped me get started (thanks to Nichole).  I added her blog to my reading list and from there I've found a few others that I follow.  One of those that I now follow is Brandy from You Don't Know.  She's hilarious and is also on the road of weight loss.  You should check her out (see button below).  She's guaranteed to brighten your day.  Plus you should lend a girl your support because trying to lose weight really stinks and it's a nice thing to do. 

Museum Day

Tomorrow Elizabeth and I are heading to a play museum.  I'm going to get the yearly pass so I can take both girls...that is once we have two girls.  It's a museum that was open when I was a kid and was so much fun.  I know Elizabeth is going to love it.  She is a big pretend play type of child.  She regularly "cooks" me dinner or dresses like a princess.  She acts out little scenes with her dolls too.  It's pretty cute.  I'm going to do my best to get lots of pictures, but we'll I usually forget.  However, I'm super excited about it, especially since it will be nice to have a mommy-daughter day before the other mommy-daughter day arrives.

Princess Fairy Ballerina Aurora (yes, that is a tutu, wings, feather boa, Aurora dress, and black hairbow- what can I say, she's got style)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You know you're ready to deliver when...

So everywhere I go lately, people keep giving me these surprised looks.  As if to say, I can't believe you haven't given birth yet...  As for me, I'm not surprised.  Elizabeth was only born on her due date because they induced her, so I wasn't expecting a super early arrival for this one either.  But I am ready in the sense that I would like to not be pregnant anymore.  Pregnancy isn't too bad, but it definitely has several downsides that a lot of people don't talk about.  I think they might feel like not being thrilled with every pregnant moment might make them bad mommies.  That's just not true.  But that's another post all together.  No, this post is an attempt to be a little funny.  Things I have decide on the road to delivery and things I've heard other mommies say that I just couldn't agree with more. So here goes, you know you're ready to deliver when...

1) You drop something on the floor and leave it.  It's not worth bending over to get it.
2) The bag boy at the grocery store asks you if you want help to the car, and you have to stop yourself from saying "what do you think".
3) If you call a family member and they answer the phone "are you having the baby".
4) Your cat is upset because there isn't enough room on your lap for him.
5) You have to wear an apron when baking because if you don't you accidentally rub up against the counter and get flour on your shirt.  Only, you don't know you have flour on your shirt because you can't see that part of your body.
6) You have to propel yourself out of seats and sometimes to start walking.
7) Taking baths sounds more like a chore than a nice relaxing idea.
8) Your belly button looks like one of those turkey timers that pop out when it's done.
9) Everywhere you go people look at you in surprise or pity, and when you leave they wish you good luck.
10) Your belly regularly looks like that scene from alien when it's about to pop out of that man's stomach and when that happens the people around you have the same expression of horror/awe as the characters in the movie.

Rainy Thursday

So here in TN it has been raining cats and dogs nonstop.  Now I'm not a fussy girl and usually don't mind changes in weather (cold or wet has never bothered me much).  But now that I'm a mom, when I see rain...I see work and a cooped up kid.  Let me explain, you either: 1) have to outfit you kid in a waterproof bubble, which they either don't want to put on or refuse to take off or 2) stay home all day with no break or outside fun (and if your two year old is as active as mine that is scary!). 

Today we oped for the waterproof bubble, which consists of our super cute raincoat, boots, and umbrella.  Elizabeth got all suited up and was waterproof from head to toe.  Now I wasn't waterproof and am still drying off.  You see in my rather large state, I only have one coat that really fits and it doesn't button or have hood.  It's made for an interesting winter, but that's another story. 

Anyway, almost no children were there.  I guess the flu has hit our region hard because all but one of Elizabeth's friends were absent.  It also meant we went to eat on our own.  We started going with the other moms and their kids to lunch where there is an indoor playground.  Elizabeth loves it.  She is starting to play with kids rather than beside them.  But no such luck today.  Instead we went by ourselves, and we were the only people in the playground area...I could tell she missed the other kids.  We did, however, run into a member of our church who helped me carry our food to the play area.  It was very sweet of her. 

We also got a bunch of extra books today.  Usually I only let Elizabeth have two books (since she is two), but with baby arriving next week I thought I better stock up on a few.  One is about having a no-good baby sister. We read it at nap time.  Elizabeth liked it a lot.  Though I don't think she understands what a no-good baby is and why a big brother might get frustrated with one. She does like the pictures of the baby though. Hope that translates to her own baby sister.  ;)

My rain kitty, reading a book after we left the library.


Can we read this one first?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March 1st, 2011

It's official! On March 1st, both Mark and I will become parents for the second time. That is if she doesn't make an earlier appearance. ;)

We will be arriving at the hospital the night before shortly before midnight. Soon after that they will start pitocin. I'm already 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, so nothing else is needed. Mark will be there the whole time and my sister will be arriving that morning. Both will have their phones, but Melissa may be the better one to call if you need updates or help.

Elizabeth will be with her Grammy and Pop the night before on. She is more excited about this than her baby sister arriving. Ha, ha.

Not only will this baby share a birthday with another member of my family (hope you don't mind, Alex), but she'll be arriving two days after her daddy's birthday and 14 days before the start of the most wonderful time of the year. If you have to ask what, then you probably won't be filling out a bracket yourself. ;) I can tell you both of my girls will be rooting for the best team in blue. Let's go CATS!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Blessed! Thanks to everyone!

What a wonderful weekend!! It was exhausting, but great.  First a lot of family came into town, which is always nice.  Then on Saturday, we went to my Aunt's 50th wedding anniversary party.  Great food and we got to see a lot of family we don't see very often.  We had a blast!

The next day we headed to church (a lot of our family came with us) and right after the service we had a baby shower!  It was so much fun, and I was so amazed.  They have only known us a few months, and yet our church put together such a great party.  The cake and punch was delicious, everyone was so generous, and the fellowship was so wonderful.  We have been truly blessed with such a wonderful church, not to mention friends and family who are so supportive (and also generous!!).  I couldn't believe all the stuff we brought home: cloth diapers, wipes, sheets, clothes, breastfeeding items, handmade clothes and shawls, gift cards and toys.  Elizabeth also got a ton of toys as so many people wanted to keep her involved.  I can't thank everyone who came and gave us such wonderful gifts enough though.  Not to sound like a broken record, but it was so generous, and we are very blessed to have so many people who love us.

I wish I had some photos, but was unable to take any since we were busy opening gifts. ;)  However, I'm sure we'll be getting some from the ladies of the church soon (which I'll post later).  However, I did take a quick photo of some of the cupcake cake and regular cake we brought home with us.  It's doesn't adequately show how super cute these cakes were, but I wanted to show something from the party.  I'll post some pics later of some wonderful gifts too, but in a nesting moment Mark and I put a lot of it away before taking some pictures.  Whoops!

Yummy cake and cupcake cake. So adorable!!  I'll get a pic of the whole thing later on.

Elizabeth got a Barbie doll that day to play with.  She already loves it.


So lately being huge and tired all the time, I've been laying down with Elizabeth at nap time.  Now I don't usually do this, but snuggling your baby is one of those great mommy perks and it's nice to get some rest.  What usually happens though is I wake up after 30-45 minutes and slide out.  But before I get out Max usually climbs in with us.  Then when I leave he just snuggles down.  It's adorable.  A couple of days ago I got a great shot of them together.  It's just too cute not to post. :)

My baby and my furry baby  Too cute!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So as promised I have a few pictures of my curtains.  But a few ground rules before you look at them. ;)

1) Please realize I am a novice and these are simple curtains.
2) Do not look to closely as you may notice imperfections...and that is just not allowed.
3) Only positive comments, as I am pregnant and hungry all the time.  I may channel my emotions into a case of ice cream, which would not be a good thing for my future waistline or the baby's sugar level. ;)


The lace panels I sewed, then had to "fix" to make them work.  This is in the girls' bathroom.  As you can see it is a very purple room, but we (Elizabeth and I) love it.

Kitchen curtain, yes, I do like pink.  I have a pink kitchenaid mixer matches my rose plates.  Yes, I realize this borders on Grandma taste, but I don't care.  I still love it.

Living room curtains.  This is a huge bay window, and my cat Max, does sit on that little pillow in the window.  He is that spoiled.

Wall hanging I hemmed.  Again, yes, I like pink and roses.  I guess you could say I have traditional taste...or English Grandma taste, either is fine with me. ;)

My little worker bee- aka Cinderella

So today I had to finish an edit before we could head to the library for story time.  I have to brag too.  Elizabeth was such a good little girl.  When mommy was working at her desk, so did my little Cinderella.  I say Cinderella, since she calls the nightgown she is wearing in the picture her Cinderella dress.  Grammy got it for her and she loves it.  Anyway, she colored and I was able to finish my work. You couldn't ask for a better morning than that...although we did have to run out to make it on time.  ;)

My Cinderella.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dr's appt

Today was another OB appointment too.  (Busy day for us, all around)  It went really fast, as everything looks pretty good.  She does have a slightly lowered heartbeat, but the dr said that was normal for the last few weeks.  Anyway, everything is measuring fine and no signs of labor at the moment.  Next week we have an early morning appointment on Wed.  It's the BIG appointment.  In other words, decisions will be made and if no baby has arrived an induction will be schedule.  So it's official, one more appointment.  Get out your countdown clocks as this baby is arriving soon!

Valentine's redo

We should get a redo on Valentine's day.  It was a miserable day that didn't end very well...anyway, we didn't really get that...but we did finally exchange our cards and traditional chocolate a night from the Whitman sampler.  This is a tradition my dad started.  He would bring home a Whitman sampler and every night after dinner we would get one chocolate.  We would do this every night until the box was finished.  With three of us, plus mom and dad that didn't take long.  It takes us a little longer, but you can imagine Elizabeth's joy when she sees that candy box come out.  The nice thing for mommy, you ask?  Not having to fight my siblings for my favorite pieces of chocolate.  ;)  I may be the youngest, but I'm scrappy. ha ha.

A few of our Valentine's cards.  I believe we have a few more, but one little girl has some light fingers.

Sewing fanatic

So I'm slowly becoming a sewing fanatic.  I've finished my den curtains, the tie backs for all the rooms, finished the curtain for the kitchen door, and sewn and re-sewn the girls' bathroom curtains.  I got new fabric for the bath, but didn't end up liking it when I was finished.  So I took my original panels and started to think about how I could fix them.  A little thinking, a pair of scissors, and some precise curtains!  Much better than the other fabric.  So glad I tried it.  I do want to add something to my bedroom curtains, but I'm having to think on it.  I've tried several things and haven't like I think some more thinking is necessary.  Next I want to work on the pillows for our bed.  I didn't do them, as I have no trim.  Surprisingly, this bothers me...I guess I'm getting more adventurous with my sewing.  I'd love to drop everything and start on the girls' dresses too.  But I have a lot of cleaning ahead of me...being sick means other things didn't get done.  But come next week, if I'm caught up on work that is, nothing is stopping me from getting a few dresses out for my sweeties...that is if one of those sweeties remains where she is...  ;)

First dental appointment

So today we went to the dentist for the first time!!  I was SUPER nervous, as Elizabeth has never liked anyone messing with her mouth.  But to my total surprise, she was GREAT!!!  She sat in the chair and didn't wiggle.  She opened her mouth big and wide.  She let them do everything they asked.  I was shocked.  We got a ton of compliments, which of course every mommy loves (sorry, but it's the truth), and she got to pick out a two toys for being good.  She got a little car and a finger puppet that looks like a princess (which is so Elizabeth as she is my rough and tumble princess).  Of course, they let her pick out her own toothbrush (for some reason she chose Spongebob, which she doesn't watch because I won't let her), and gave her tooth paste & floss.  I wish I got a picture of her, but alas, mommy wasn't that good.  She was super proud of her teeth too.  She smiled really big when we left.  I asked if she liked the dentist, and she nodded yes.  She definitely has one up on her mommy. :)

My "shy" girl

So Elizabeth isn't a shy girl...she only gets that way around people she doesn't know well.  Then once she decides you're ok, it's non-stop talking, and I do mean non-stop.  Last semester in Kindermusik, Elizabeth was non-stop talking, jumping, and everything else under the sun.  But lately, even though she has EVERY song memorized (which she sings to me all the time) and knows the book we read in it backwards & forwards, she won't speak.  I don't understand it.  She play with the other kids and even come tell me that they hugged her etc.  But if someone speaks to her, she instantly goes quiet.  Now I wouldn't be concerned as I always know she needs time to warm up to people, but we've been to a lot of classes and some of the moms/kids are ones we had last semester.  Even stranger, lately she doesn't want to talk in story time at the library.  That hasn't changed at all...I'm not sure what is going on, but part of me has to wonder if my "shy" girl is sensing that something is about to change.  Then again, maybe it's just a phase they hit when their two.


I'm just going to say it...I HATE being sick.   I also hate thinking that I'm well, only to turn around the next day and feel sick AGAIN.  So Sunday I went to bed and felt a little weird, but didn't think much of it.  That is until the unbearable heartburn followed by nausea every time I laid down.  Mark told me he had awful heartburn too after he started feeling better.  It was so bad, I had to sleep propped up and anyone who knows me, knows that I don't sleep well (family trait).  So adding this to the mix was even worse.  We had to call Grammy to watch Elizabeth as Mark couldn't take off.  What a day.  Constantly feeling like I was going to throw up and then later...well, you don't want to know what came later.   Needless, to say it wasn't the Valentine's day any of us envisioned.  When Mark got home I did manage to get up and eat a little.  We watched a movie and then went to bed.  Another night sleeping propped wasn't until Tuesday night that I could actually sleep normally.  I really, really, really HATE being sick. :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sewing funnies.

So after going to the banquet, we came home and got Elizabeth to bed.  Then I got back to work on my sewing.  I redid my bedroom curtains, but I'm still not super happy with them...and I don't know why.  However, this latest incarnation is my favorite.  So I'm going to finish the tie backs (these are already sewn, just need to add the rings to hook them) and see if they grow on me.  I also noticed a problem with my living room curtains, so I added that to my list and fixed those right away.  But again, I need to make the tie backs to finish them completely.  I do like these, I'm very happy with how they turned out.  I even finished our kitchen curtains (but no tension rod yet, so they are waiting to be hung).

So where's the funny you ask?  Well, I was pretty concerned about sewing the lace panels for the girls' bath.  I've never sewn lace, and I was afraid the machine might jam.  It went super smooth.  I was SO excited.  I thought, finally one room completely done.  Not waiting on something to finish it off...then I went to hang them.  It seems I have two RIGHT panels.  So I have a beautiful right side of the window and no left. I had to laugh...and even funnier.  I had been given some panels earlier that I thought I had lost and were in our car.  Mark raced outside to get them, both of us sure that a left panel would be among them...we've got FOUR right panels.  It was too funny to be upset.  I'm looking into a way to adjust the panels to make them work, but to be honest I think I'll just find some new fabric.  I think it will be easier than trying to adjust them.  I have to say though, I can make four right sides of windows look very nice!!

Valentine's celebration dinner

So last night we headed over to our church for their Loving Hearts Banquet.  It was phenomenal.  So much fun and great food.  In fact, it was the first full meal I have had since getting sick.  Elizabeth ate really well, devouring her green beans, apples, dressing, and even the pork loin. Though everyone was surprised that Elizabeth didn't like potatoes.  I don't know what it is, but I have the ONLY child in the world that doesn't like potatoes.  Not fried, mashed, or baked.  The only fry she will ever eat is from Pal's and even that doesn't happen all the time.  The only problem I have with this is every kid's meal comes with fries...I mean they never consider that some kids will eat more than just fries.  It's like they want kids to be picky.  Anyway, that's a whole other story.

Back to the banquet.  Like I said, it was so much fun.  In addition to a great meal and fellowship with our fellow church members, we also were entertained.  People sang, did some comedy, and they gave out prizes too.  All of the kids got little chocolate candies to take home and some coupons to some local restaurants.  Elizabeth was so excited when they called her name to get her chocolates.  She raced up to the front and almost ran off without all of her prize. It was super cute.  I have to say, I can't say enough about how much I love our new church.  Everyone is so kind and loving, it really displays what God is...LOVE!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More sewing

So in my recovery state what is on my agenda?  Sewing of course!  Well, actually I just finished doing a bunch of work that I had missed from being in the hospital, hence being on the computer.  But I am on my way to do some more sewing.  Today it will be re-fixing my bedroom curtains (I think I will like them better another way), hemming my lace curtains for the girls' bath, curtains for the kitchen, and pillows for our bedroom.  I still haven't finished my den curtains, since Hobby Lobby didn't have a coupon last week.  I know it sounds cheap, but I'm not paying that much for fabric.  I can wait as they usually put out a coupon.  Mom and I have also arranged for a diaper day.  Tuesday next week, we'll be turning out the diapers.  I'm excited as I was getting worried that we wouldn't get to it. I'm also about 10 rows short on my blanket for baby.  I'm definitely going to push on that one.  Still no progress on the bunting lately, but considering the I going to need it??  It's going to be in the 60's next week.  Now that is weird.  But maybe it will be cold enough for her to wear it...that is if I can finish it.  Back to work! :)


So what have we been doing this past two days?  Only seeing the hospital for the third time with this pregnancy.  UGH!!

I finally caught the virus both Mark and Elizabeth had...only I couldn't keep down water or gatorade.  When that happened I knew I had to call the doctor.  Since I'm so far along and this type of thing can cause labor to develop they immediately sent me on to the hospital.  All I can say, is I'm tired of going to the hospital.  But I am glad I went.  They gave me a lot of anti-nausea meds and two bags of fluids.  That helped a lot.  When we first went in they were worried about baby girl as she was very sluggish and it wasn't until I had finished the first full bag of saline before she perked up.  After that, the nurses seemed much happier.

We went in about 9:30 pm on Thursday night and were discharged the next day at 10:30 am.  Needless to say, we didn't sleep a lot.  I felt so bad on Thursday having to call mom and then pack up Elizabeth to go over to Grammy's and Pop's house.  She was so disorientated when we woke her up.  But all in all, I guess it was for the best. After we were discharged, I went over to mom's so Mark could go back to work.  I slept almost the whole day.  I think a combination of sleep deprivation and medicine caused me to be that tired.  But I managed some liquids and a little bit of food.  In fact, I haven't thrown up since leaving the hospital, but I'm taking it slow and trying not to push it.

Hopefully, the next time we visit the hospital, it will be because it's time to have this baby.  So sick people stay away!  I'm tired of catching this stuff and even more so, going to the hospital for it. I think I may coat myself in sanitizer, either that or make myself a bubble to walk around in.

But biggest moral of this story: It's time to pack those hospital bags, including a bag for Elizabeth in case we have to leave suddenly.  That really would have helped.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Advice from other bloggers and thank you for the comments!

So first, BIG thank you's to Nichole and Amie who comment regularly.  I really appreciate it.  It makes me feel like this isn't a journal or one way conversation...but that people actually are reading this thing.  So thank you!!

The rest of you, if there are any, may I politely request that if you read this and have an opinion...any opinion, could you please leave me a comment.  I would really like it, and who doesn't want to make a pregnant woman happy??

Finally, I originally made this blog just for family and a few friends, but I think it's time to expand.  Any of you more proficient bloggers have any suggestions as to how to gain followers or link up with people??  Again I would very much appreciate it.  Thank you!!


The pain of pregnancy is starting to wear on me.  In addition to just being uncomfortable from being so big, I am now having contraction-like pain coupled with pressure that is sometimes a sharp pain.  Lower back pain started today too.  Imagine my joy.

The bad part of this, I really do want her to wait...I need time.  Time to get projects done in and around the house.  Not to mention- Mark and Elizabeth being well, my hospital bag packed, and the car seat installed.  If those three biggies aren't done soon, they may not let us leave the hospital with her.  Maybe they'll just let me least they'll clean up after me and feed me.

Why is it that with the second baby there isn't enough time to get stuff done??

Potty Training Princess

Even sick Elizabeth has done so well.  She's staying dry and telling us every time she needs to potty. So yesterday, before the sickness reappeared, we headed to the store to get our big reward.  Mark and I both went and really talked it up.  We got to the Princess aisle and told her she could have any doll she wanted.  She picked a little Snow White doll that had clothes to change.  I think I've already changed her clothes a 100 times.  But I'm happy she likes it so much and more importantly that she is potty trained!

Blurry, but showing you the new doll and her dresses.  Still in our pjs, since we're having a sick day.


So right now I'm in a house surrounded by sick people.  Elizabeth looked like she was over her stomach bug, she hadn't throw up in days, was eating more normally, and was acting well.  So I went back to our regular schedule, we headed kindermusik and she wasn't herself again.  When we got home, I found out why.  Let's just say the virus has started on the other end.  Sorry to be gross, but it's true and it has been pretty painful for her.  It breaks my heart.  So we've been laying around watching movies, since she hasn't felt up to much more.  To make matters worse, now poor Mark is sick too.  He's laying in the bed trying to rest. I have a feeling I need to buy stock in Gatorade.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow White Cometh

So guess what?  TWO DRY DAYS!!  Both today and Saturday, Elizabeth was able to stay dry the whole day.  She has been feeling poorly (getting over a stomach bug) so we wanted to make sure she recognized that she was staying dry before the big reward.  But after two days, I'm guessing we better get ready for the big reveal.  I'm thinking of getting the one below...but I know she would love the baby Snow white they have at several of our local big box stores.  We'll see which one wins out and here's hoping for another dry day tomorrow!!

Pretty cute, and Elizabeth's dream doll.

Sending out our love- Valentines

So today Elizabeth and I got to work on our Valentine's.  First we made our Valentine box and then worked on our handmade ones.  Elizabeth is also sending out princess Valentine's to all her cousins and some of her friends.  In past years, we've sent out a store bought picture Valentine, but this year we decided to be more crafty.  So handmade won out instead of store bought. But don't worry, a picture of my little cupid is included, so get out those refrigerator magnets!! Oh, and a small preview is below.  Happy Early Valentine's Day!!

We got a little distracted mid-way through when we watched a little bit of Larry Boy.

Getting those Princess cards ready to go!  She really did pick these out herself for each person and declared what color I was to write their names out with.

Decorating our Valentine's Day Box.  It already has three cards!

Intense focus only a two year old can display...though it last all of a minute. ;)

Sewing Sunday

This Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, but for me it was Sewing Sunday.  I believe my sewing machine and I have finally bonded.  That night while Mark watched the big game, I finished our bedroom curtains and hemmed a decorative wall hanging mom gave me.  Mark was also able to hang all my curtains up that night too. Things are definitely moving along.  Tomorrow Elizabeth and I are going to Hobby Lobby to get another yard of my den fabric so that I can finish those.  I also got out my fabric for the living room and it looks like an easy fix.  So hopefully (fingers crossed) all the rooms will be finished really soon, so that I can start on dresses!  YAY!!  I've also been crocheting as much as I can, but have only made progress on her blanket.  I'll post pictures later of all my latest work.  But if I can keep the pace up (and she stays comfy), I may get a lot of my projects done before baby's arrival. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Potty update

Quick update.  Elizabeth is doing great with the potty.  In fact, yesterday morning she woke up and was sick.  We had to take her to the dr as soon as they opened.  Even though she was sick and had to go to somewhere new (we haven't been long here long enough to go to the dr much), she still went potty.  She not only asked, but went when she needed.  That includes when she was at the dr's office.  I'm super proud! 

Oh, and she is feeling much better. The nausea medication they gave her has helped stop the vomiting, so she was able to keep down pedilyte, crackers, and apple sauce.  She was in high spirits once the vomiting stopped and she got some rest.

Taken a few days ago.  She was all smiles here and was also last night.  Even sick, she's a great kid!

Eviction notice

So baby girl #2 has been served a possible eviction notice by my doctor.  It seems that if I do not go into labor before the week of Feburary the 28th, I will be induced that week.  Right now, I'm in that "I'm so huge and uncomfortable" stage, so this was fantastic news.  Not much longer at all!!  Everything else is going well, she is looking good and measuring on target.  I am having some pain, but nothing the dr doesn't consider normal.  Mark is amazed at how much this one distorts me too.  You can always tell which side she is on, since she seems to like to ball up.  I think our favorite game is name that body part traveling across my stomach.  ha ha.

Official countdown to the final notice is 3 weeks 2 days!! 

Princess Elizabeth enjoying her baby sister's room.  She had just gotten her hair blown dry, which she loves and leaves it wild.  She definitely has curly hair!!

Nursery is DONE!!

So a couple of days ago we finally finished the nursery!!!  I'm super happy about this, plus I think it looks great.  See the pics below.  Now if I can just finish my crocheting and find a rug for the room, we'll be great! 

Crib bed.  We went with Pooh again.  I didn't mind using Elizabeth's old stuff, since we redid her room.  Plus changing the colors on the wall make it look new to me!  Also the yellow looks darker in a lot of these pictures because I took them at night.  If you look at the one or two in the daylight, it's a lighter shade than you think.

The watercolors that my friend Audrey made for Elizabeth.  Gorgeous!

Changing area.  I'm going to replace the diaper champ with just a wet bag in a can, since we are going cloth this time.  Know anyone who needs a diaper champ?

My rocking/nursing area.  Plus closet and toy area, which is more for Elizabeth than anyone else.

Natural light of the artwork.  I LOVE THESE!!

View from the doorway.  Yes, those are pics of Elizabeth on the wall, I plan to mix in some new ones once baby arrives.

Kate vs. the Sewing Machine

So yesterday and today, I had a rematch with my archnemesis the sewing machine.  Only this time, I won!  I've not only gotten better, but I'm learning why my sewing machine was having troubles.  Most of its troubles are because it's a little tempermental, but considering it is over 30 years old I'll let it have some attitude.  Though if it gets anymore, I'm showing it pictures of its replacement to be.

Acting like a perfect angel at the moment...

Anyway, I managed to finish the valances for our bedroom and all but one window in our den/office.  I've got to get one more yard of fabric to finish the last valance in the den, so that's why I'm not done.  Tomorrow I'm hopeful that I will start and finish the drapes in our bedroom too.  After that all I will have left is the hem on the lace curtain for the bath, hemming a decorative panel, fixing my living room curtains, and dresses for my girls!!  I'm most excited about the dresses, but I need to finish the curtains first.  When baby arrives, I'd like the house to look complete...

Finished valance for the Den/Office.  Simple I know, but I have four windows in this room, one of which is a HUGE picture window...with that amount of coverage I think valances are better.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potty Princess Elizabeth

I know, ANOTHER potty training update.  What can I say, I'm super proud of my Potty Princess.  Anyway, we are doing great!!  She asks to the use the potty and doesn't need reminding very often.  I don't have to wash cloth trainers very often because she is staying dry most of the day.  We still haven't had a completely dry day, but for the last three or four days (I think that is right) she has had one accident a day.  She usually stops herself and runs to tell someone.  Only once has it been a full on accident that made it past her undies to her clothes.  But even better, we've had two big changes.  1) She is still trying to go #2 on the potty and has had more success with that.  2) She went totally on her own this morning.  I was at the eye doctor, so Mark was with her.  Apparently, she ran down the hall to the bathroom pulled down her pants sat down and then called for Mark once she had gone.  AMAZING!!  I'm so proud of my Potty Princess!

Two job-bing it.

I know, not a word, but it's the truth.  I'm officially a two job work from home mommy.  Well, technically I was before, but I'm not taking any regular edits at the moment, so I think of it as a job break from that editing position.  I guess when I add it back, I'll be a three job mommy. Yikes!  Anyway, I got my first formatting edit last week, and I am working on my second edit.  The turn around is super fast (24 hours), but it's a rewarding and fairly easy job.  I'm still in the training phase so I'm only doing one edit a week, which considering our present schedule is much better.  I have to say, I'm super happy at the way things have turned out.  I was sure I would have to go back to teaching (not that teaching is bad, but I've always preferred the lab and the stuff that comes with it).  Plus it's great to be able to help provide for the family, keep my career, and stay at home with the kids.  Granted it requires a lot of juggling, but it's totally worth it and such an answer to a lot of prayers.  God does answer them, in case you wondered! :)
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