Friday, August 20, 2010

And baby makes...FOUR!

If you can't guess by the title of this post, we are expecting again!!  A surprise to everyone, this little one (even though totally planned) was a little bit of a shock, since the ER doctor (I had a kidney stone) told us we weren't pregnant...only to find out two weeks later we were.  We were a little worried about my treatment for my kidney stone, but our specialist has assured us everything is looking great, so no need to worry.  Though he did give us a shock when he read my hormone level.  Apparently it was really high...they thought twins...but ultrasound just revealed just one.  Not sure I was ready for three kids just yet.

We told my parents first, since if you don't my mom figures things out and then no surprise (I think she was only partially surprised this time).  She did this with Elizabeth...what can I say, moms just know stuff.  My mom is especially intuitive.  After that we told my sister who was very surprised.  We soon had our dr's appt and were able to get a nice ultrasound picture of the heartbeat.  Because we wanted Mark's parents to know right away, we emailed the picture and called them.  We told them it was a picture of Elizabeth.  Needless to say, they were surprised.  After swearing them to secrecy, we didn't tell anyone else until my grandparents.  I told my Paw that he needed to get another job.  He had another great grandbaby to buy bonds for...ha!  I then called and emailed my brother who was at the National Jamboree for Boyscouts, since I wanted to tell him myself.  The last in our family to know was Mark's siblings, since we wanted to do it in person (my family is spread out so we knew we would have to do it separately).  Mark's dad told everyone that we were going to do a family pic.  After everyone was arranged he took the first pic and told everyone to smile.  The second pic he said "smile because Mark and Kate are having another baby".  Funniest pic ever!  I'll have to get it to share.  Everyone was pretty shocked and the picture reflects that.  We also told some of our closest friends, the lab already knew (not hard to figure out when you come to work everyday sick), and then we published the news on facebook.  Everyone has been really excited for us. 

I'll upload ultrasound pictures soon, as we have had several since that time, along with video.  With this last visit to my specialist, we got great news.  Everything is preceding normally, and I'm clear to go to an normal OB!  Hurray!!  I've got an appointment with a group in JC and have a second recommendation if I don't like that group for another one.  We are hoping to deliver at Franklin Woods in JC.  Brand new birthing suits sound great to me.

Oh, and due date- March 6th, 2011!!

Six years of wedded bliss. ;)

So right after I got back from Chapel Hill, it was our 6th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by driving up to Abingdon, VA for the VA Highlands festival.  First stop, Alison's! Our yummy anniversary lunch was their famous baked potato soup, open faced chicken salad melts, and super veggies (sweet potato fries were consumed).  After that we headed to town to walk the festival. 

The festival has changed a lot.  It's no longer on the Barter green like it was 6 years ago when we honeymooned there.  There were fewer vendors as well.  No longer covering all the streets near the theatre, it's only falling along one back street near the Starving Artist Cafe and the Depot.  But we still had lots of fun.  Elizabeth especially enjoyed the music, including one fiddler who played her a special song.  I got lots of stuff even with fewer vendors though.  Goat milk soap, wooden bowl, wooden kitchen utensils, a special frame for Grammy, bracelets for one little girl, KETTLE CORN, and a slate to hang out our new house.  All in all a great day!  We spent the evening at home, just enjoying not having to be anywhere.

Now I realize to several of you, that this may sound a little tame and uneventful.  But Mark and I were very happy.  Eventful is what we strive for now.  Let me explain.  During our first few years together, I had surgery on one anniversary and on another mono. Both require me being in bed for at least a week, having IV fluids, and in being in significant amounts of pain.  So I like uneventful and so does Mark. Ha ha.

Elizabeth's new pictures

So right before I left for Chapel Hill, we had pictures made of Elizabeth.  Cynthia Perdue took the photos.  I cannot say enough good things about Cynthia!!  So great with kids, friendly, and a joy to be around.  Even better she's very talented and extremely reasonable on cost.  I LOVED her.  For those of you in the area, Cynthia travels around the tri-cities for photo sessions and is very easy to work with.  Her is her website to check out.

So now for the great stuff.  Here a FEW of the pics that she took.  Some of my favorites.  I'm uploading the rest to Shutterfly and probably Kodak.  If anyone would like pictures and want to order them from Walmart or another vendor let me know and I'll get you the photos.  Although note of warning.  These are protected photos and I have the release form.  Walmart especially is a stickler for seeing it.  So if you can't order the photos or pick them up let me know that as well.  I should be able to get the for anyone who wants them. 


So it took us several weeks to pack up, but we did it.  Big thanks to our parents!  They worked so hard, and we couldn't have done it without them.  So I had to work up until the day before our move, and Mark got lucky and was able to take off part of the week. Mom, Dad, and Mark's mom helped up load up the truck, and we were off.  I only wish the rest of I74 and I81 knew that we were ready to get home.  Our 4.5 hour trip turned into a 6-7 hour disaster.  We never found out what caused the traffic delays, but thanks to my wonderful iPhone, myself, mom, and Mrs. Crow were able to catch up to Dad and Mark, who were about an 1hr ahead of us, using back roads.  It was a beautiful drive even though it took forever.  We got there and the guys got the truck unloaded.  Elizabeth was so happy to be out of the car.  But can you blame her?  6+ hours in the car with one movie!! Somehow the dvds got packed up before I could pull some movies to watch for her.  So she watch Snow White...a LOT.

We've settled into Mom and Dad's well.  Still sorting through a few things, but Elizabeth is LOVING her new room.  She's never been on the same floor as us and to top it off all of her favorite toys are all together.  She hasn't asked once to go back to the old Durham home. 

Right after we moved, I had to turn around and go back to Chapel Hill though.  It was a nice visit with the lab, but not fun to turn around and come back.  Needless to say I was tired of being in a car.

Really far behind

So I haven't been good about keeping up with this...granted we've packed up the house, moved, and been on the road since then.  But still so much has happened it would have been nice to share it when it happened.  Oh well, but second best, I'll share it now.  Now rather than one big long post, I thought I would divide it up by the event.  Better organized...I know type A!! But hopefully, you'll still enjoy it!
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