Friday, August 20, 2010

Six years of wedded bliss. ;)

So right after I got back from Chapel Hill, it was our 6th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by driving up to Abingdon, VA for the VA Highlands festival.  First stop, Alison's! Our yummy anniversary lunch was their famous baked potato soup, open faced chicken salad melts, and super veggies (sweet potato fries were consumed).  After that we headed to town to walk the festival. 

The festival has changed a lot.  It's no longer on the Barter green like it was 6 years ago when we honeymooned there.  There were fewer vendors as well.  No longer covering all the streets near the theatre, it's only falling along one back street near the Starving Artist Cafe and the Depot.  But we still had lots of fun.  Elizabeth especially enjoyed the music, including one fiddler who played her a special song.  I got lots of stuff even with fewer vendors though.  Goat milk soap, wooden bowl, wooden kitchen utensils, a special frame for Grammy, bracelets for one little girl, KETTLE CORN, and a slate to hang out our new house.  All in all a great day!  We spent the evening at home, just enjoying not having to be anywhere.

Now I realize to several of you, that this may sound a little tame and uneventful.  But Mark and I were very happy.  Eventful is what we strive for now.  Let me explain.  During our first few years together, I had surgery on one anniversary and on another mono. Both require me being in bed for at least a week, having IV fluids, and in being in significant amounts of pain.  So I like uneventful and so does Mark. Ha ha.

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mcrow said...

The mono anniversary was the craziest if you ask me. I agree with you, I'll be perfectly happy with relatively uneventful anniversaries from here on out. Anniversaries aside, I can definitely say that I love you now more than I ever have, and I really look forward to what we have in front of us. I love you.

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