About Me

I'm a wife to a wonderful man, Mark Crow, and mommy to two sweet baby girls, Elizabeth and Evelyn.  I have to say, I love my family!

We recently moved back to the mountains of TN, where I was born and raised.  Mark and I also met here, so this is a special place for us. Since moving, I have become a work from home mommy.  While I miss working in a lab, nothing can replace the time I'm able to spend with my sweet baby girls.

I'm already enjoying the newest part of my career, journal editor and adjunct university teacher.  If you haven't already discovered from that last sentence, I'm also a science geek. I developed a lot of my love of science whiled working on my PhD at UK, where I also began a love of the best basketball team ever.  Go Big Blue Nation!!

In December 2010, we moved into our new home.  It's an old farmhouse on four acres.  Since then I've been learning to farm and getting back into my crafts.  I'll be posting about our adventures here in the country and trying to share all my projects.

Recently, we made a move to eat more whole foods and become sustainable.  As we travel along our road to sustainability, we'll be chronicling it all here. 

Most importantly, I'm a Christian who loves my God and my church.  Who said science and religion don't go together. ;)

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