My Crafts

So I'm an avid crafter.  I LOVE to crochet. It's my favorite.  I also like to paint, make hair bows, sew, and knit.  

My plan is to post some of my latest projects.   I've got my own Etsy Store, however, I'd like a lot of feedback on what you all like first before posting my projects for sale.  If things go well, we can even have a few giveaways to help spread the word.  But we'll see...for now it's just fun to show what's going on in my craft world. 

Below are some of my latest finished projects.  It mainly is baby stuff as Baby Evie NEEDS lots of cute stuff.  ;) Enjoy!

Embroidery- First Time

Baby Wipes

Baby Hats


Curtains and Wall hanging
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