Thursday, February 17, 2011


So as promised I have a few pictures of my curtains.  But a few ground rules before you look at them. ;)

1) Please realize I am a novice and these are simple curtains.
2) Do not look to closely as you may notice imperfections...and that is just not allowed.
3) Only positive comments, as I am pregnant and hungry all the time.  I may channel my emotions into a case of ice cream, which would not be a good thing for my future waistline or the baby's sugar level. ;)


The lace panels I sewed, then had to "fix" to make them work.  This is in the girls' bathroom.  As you can see it is a very purple room, but we (Elizabeth and I) love it.

Kitchen curtain, yes, I do like pink.  I have a pink kitchenaid mixer matches my rose plates.  Yes, I realize this borders on Grandma taste, but I don't care.  I still love it.

Living room curtains.  This is a huge bay window, and my cat Max, does sit on that little pillow in the window.  He is that spoiled.

Wall hanging I hemmed.  Again, yes, I like pink and roses.  I guess you could say I have traditional taste...or English Grandma taste, either is fine with me. ;)


Nichole said...

I think that you did great, and I am not just saying that so you wont eat ice cream! :oP

Amie said...

I love that you have your own style and know what you like! I have NO CURTAINS except in my bedroom and i think that is actually a shower curtain since it was cheaper. I love the purple bathroom! I want to paint our a similar shade but it is technically "Brandon's" so i don't know how he will feel about that! ;)

Kate said...

Thank you both!!

Amie- Go for it. If Brandon is like Mark he doesn't care what color the room he is in is...just as long as it functions. :)

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