Monday, February 7, 2011

Sending out our love- Valentines

So today Elizabeth and I got to work on our Valentine's.  First we made our Valentine box and then worked on our handmade ones.  Elizabeth is also sending out princess Valentine's to all her cousins and some of her friends.  In past years, we've sent out a store bought picture Valentine, but this year we decided to be more crafty.  So handmade won out instead of store bought. But don't worry, a picture of my little cupid is included, so get out those refrigerator magnets!! Oh, and a small preview is below.  Happy Early Valentine's Day!!

We got a little distracted mid-way through when we watched a little bit of Larry Boy.

Getting those Princess cards ready to go!  She really did pick these out herself for each person and declared what color I was to write their names out with.

Decorating our Valentine's Day Box.  It already has three cards!

Intense focus only a two year old can display...though it last all of a minute. ;)
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