Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The pain of pregnancy is starting to wear on me.  In addition to just being uncomfortable from being so big, I am now having contraction-like pain coupled with pressure that is sometimes a sharp pain.  Lower back pain started today too.  Imagine my joy.

The bad part of this, I really do want her to wait...I need time.  Time to get projects done in and around the house.  Not to mention- Mark and Elizabeth being well, my hospital bag packed, and the car seat installed.  If those three biggies aren't done soon, they may not let us leave the hospital with her.  Maybe they'll just let me least they'll clean up after me and feed me.

Why is it that with the second baby there isn't enough time to get stuff done??


Nichole said...

You have lot on your plate! Just do what you can! Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Amie said...

cause you already got one baby!

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