Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Blessed! Thanks to everyone!

What a wonderful weekend!! It was exhausting, but great.  First a lot of family came into town, which is always nice.  Then on Saturday, we went to my Aunt's 50th wedding anniversary party.  Great food and we got to see a lot of family we don't see very often.  We had a blast!

The next day we headed to church (a lot of our family came with us) and right after the service we had a baby shower!  It was so much fun, and I was so amazed.  They have only known us a few months, and yet our church put together such a great party.  The cake and punch was delicious, everyone was so generous, and the fellowship was so wonderful.  We have been truly blessed with such a wonderful church, not to mention friends and family who are so supportive (and also generous!!).  I couldn't believe all the stuff we brought home: cloth diapers, wipes, sheets, clothes, breastfeeding items, handmade clothes and shawls, gift cards and toys.  Elizabeth also got a ton of toys as so many people wanted to keep her involved.  I can't thank everyone who came and gave us such wonderful gifts enough though.  Not to sound like a broken record, but it was so generous, and we are very blessed to have so many people who love us.

I wish I had some photos, but was unable to take any since we were busy opening gifts. ;)  However, I'm sure we'll be getting some from the ladies of the church soon (which I'll post later).  However, I did take a quick photo of some of the cupcake cake and regular cake we brought home with us.  It's doesn't adequately show how super cute these cakes were, but I wanted to show something from the party.  I'll post some pics later of some wonderful gifts too, but in a nesting moment Mark and I put a lot of it away before taking some pictures.  Whoops!

Yummy cake and cupcake cake. So adorable!!  I'll get a pic of the whole thing later on.

Elizabeth got a Barbie doll that day to play with.  She already loves it.

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