Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainy Thursday

So here in TN it has been raining cats and dogs nonstop.  Now I'm not a fussy girl and usually don't mind changes in weather (cold or wet has never bothered me much).  But now that I'm a mom, when I see rain...I see work and a cooped up kid.  Let me explain, you either: 1) have to outfit you kid in a waterproof bubble, which they either don't want to put on or refuse to take off or 2) stay home all day with no break or outside fun (and if your two year old is as active as mine that is scary!). 

Today we oped for the waterproof bubble, which consists of our super cute raincoat, boots, and umbrella.  Elizabeth got all suited up and was waterproof from head to toe.  Now I wasn't waterproof and am still drying off.  You see in my rather large state, I only have one coat that really fits and it doesn't button or have hood.  It's made for an interesting winter, but that's another story. 

Anyway, almost no children were there.  I guess the flu has hit our region hard because all but one of Elizabeth's friends were absent.  It also meant we went to eat on our own.  We started going with the other moms and their kids to lunch where there is an indoor playground.  Elizabeth loves it.  She is starting to play with kids rather than beside them.  But no such luck today.  Instead we went by ourselves, and we were the only people in the playground area...I could tell she missed the other kids.  We did, however, run into a member of our church who helped me carry our food to the play area.  It was very sweet of her. 

We also got a bunch of extra books today.  Usually I only let Elizabeth have two books (since she is two), but with baby arriving next week I thought I better stock up on a few.  One is about having a no-good baby sister. We read it at nap time.  Elizabeth liked it a lot.  Though I don't think she understands what a no-good baby is and why a big brother might get frustrated with one. She does like the pictures of the baby though. Hope that translates to her own baby sister.  ;)

My rain kitty, reading a book after we left the library.


Can we read this one first?

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Nichole said...

Such cute pictures! :o) Have fun reading and hope the rain goes away very soon!

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