Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's redo

We should get a redo on Valentine's day.  It was a miserable day that didn't end very well...anyway, we didn't really get that...but we did finally exchange our cards and traditional chocolate a night from the Whitman sampler.  This is a tradition my dad started.  He would bring home a Whitman sampler and every night after dinner we would get one chocolate.  We would do this every night until the box was finished.  With three of us, plus mom and dad that didn't take long.  It takes us a little longer, but you can imagine Elizabeth's joy when she sees that candy box come out.  The nice thing for mommy, you ask?  Not having to fight my siblings for my favorite pieces of chocolate.  ;)  I may be the youngest, but I'm scrappy. ha ha.

A few of our Valentine's cards.  I believe we have a few more, but one little girl has some light fingers.

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