Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Weight Loss- Day 1

So yeah, I know I haven't had this kid yet, but I have already lost some weight.  Surprised?  I was too.  I lost 3 lbs from last week's dr appointment to this week.  First I was worried, but then they told me it was normal to do at the end of a pregnancy.  So yay for weight loss! 

This also got me thinking, how am I going to start losing weight once I come home from delivery?  Now I know I'll be chasing a two year old, keeping up with a newborn, and keeping a house clean...but what could I do in the beginning and what could I work my way up too.  I'd like of course to lose the baby weight, but also I was a little overweight before getting pregnant and would like to get back into "fighting" shape (as in being able to chase down that two year old without losing my breath).  So I checked the internet for different workout classes and such.  No mommy and me classes, swimming with your toddlers doesn't start until May (even though it is indoor pool), and right now I'm not sure a gym membership would work for us.

So here's my question to everyone. What are some ways you are trying to lose weight?  Extra points for including things I can do without spending a lot of money or that I can do in my area.  Oh, and I will include that we do have a wii, wii fit, ea active, and a double stroller.  So all these things could be included in my workout regiment.  As for food, I'm not a huge over eater, nor do I go nuts over sweets etc.  However, I do have a horrible addiction to soda, which I have had to avoid during the pregnancy and will also avoid while breastfeeding...but it always draws me back in.  So any advice on getting rid of it completely is also greatly appreciated.

Now I haven't been blogging long, and I just recently have been trying to expand out of my family who at the moment are almost all my followers.  A friend from high school also had a blog and helped me get started (thanks to Nichole).  I added her blog to my reading list and from there I've found a few others that I follow.  One of those that I now follow is Brandy from You Don't Know.  She's hilarious and is also on the road of weight loss.  You should check her out (see button below).  She's guaranteed to brighten your day.  Plus you should lend a girl your support because trying to lose weight really stinks and it's a nice thing to do. 


Brandy@YDK said...

It sounds like you are headed in the right direction. I take a Zimbabwe class once a week that's costs $5. Cheap and I love it. I think walks with your little ones will be good

Nichole said...

Awww, glad that I could help you with blogging! It is addicting! :oP I love reading your posts too! You and Brandy both have a way with words. I get lucky every once in a while! As far as weight loss goes, I am just trying to avoid sweets (my big downfall). LOL Breastfeeding also helps. Oh, and soft drinks, I have not had a soft drink (other than a sip of Andy's because I was WAY thirsty) since halfway through our senior year! Yep, 1999! LOL I gat really bad UTI's from them, so that is what works for me. Sweet tea is my treat! LOL Good luck and I cannot wait to see little Miss Crow #2!

Cerise said...

I walk a LOT with my boys. They love getting outside and it's really helping get the baby weight off. :o) Good luck!!

Kate said...

Thank you all a lot! I'm glad to be on the right track. I didn't even think about this stuff with Elizabeth, I was too nervous as a first time mommy. I do plan to walk a lot, and we're hoping to put in a garden so I know I'll get lots of exercise planting potatoes. ;)

Nichole, that is amazing to me, way to go! Soft drinks (coke and sprite) are like the best treat in the world for me. I'd rather have that than a cookie or cake. I need to be strong, but we'll see how it goes. Oh and I love reading your posts, you have a way with words too and you always have super cute pics!

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