Thursday, February 17, 2011

My little worker bee- aka Cinderella

So today I had to finish an edit before we could head to the library for story time.  I have to brag too.  Elizabeth was such a good little girl.  When mommy was working at her desk, so did my little Cinderella.  I say Cinderella, since she calls the nightgown she is wearing in the picture her Cinderella dress.  Grammy got it for her and she loves it.  Anyway, she colored and I was able to finish my work. You couldn't ask for a better morning than that...although we did have to run out to make it on time.  ;)

My Cinderella.


Nichole said...

Very cute! What a great worker!

Amie said...

eeep! look at her hair!!!! :)

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