Saturday, February 5, 2011

Potty update

Quick update.  Elizabeth is doing great with the potty.  In fact, yesterday morning she woke up and was sick.  We had to take her to the dr as soon as they opened.  Even though she was sick and had to go to somewhere new (we haven't been long here long enough to go to the dr much), she still went potty.  She not only asked, but went when she needed.  That includes when she was at the dr's office.  I'm super proud! 

Oh, and she is feeling much better. The nausea medication they gave her has helped stop the vomiting, so she was able to keep down pedilyte, crackers, and apple sauce.  She was in high spirits once the vomiting stopped and she got some rest.

Taken a few days ago.  She was all smiles here and was also last night.  Even sick, she's a great kid!


Amie said...

Cutest thing EVER~

Kate said...

I thought so too. She loves it when we play around in the tub.

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