Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sewing funnies.

So after going to the banquet, we came home and got Elizabeth to bed.  Then I got back to work on my sewing.  I redid my bedroom curtains, but I'm still not super happy with them...and I don't know why.  However, this latest incarnation is my favorite.  So I'm going to finish the tie backs (these are already sewn, just need to add the rings to hook them) and see if they grow on me.  I also noticed a problem with my living room curtains, so I added that to my list and fixed those right away.  But again, I need to make the tie backs to finish them completely.  I do like these, I'm very happy with how they turned out.  I even finished our kitchen curtains (but no tension rod yet, so they are waiting to be hung).

So where's the funny you ask?  Well, I was pretty concerned about sewing the lace panels for the girls' bath.  I've never sewn lace, and I was afraid the machine might jam.  It went super smooth.  I was SO excited.  I thought, finally one room completely done.  Not waiting on something to finish it off...then I went to hang them.  It seems I have two RIGHT panels.  So I have a beautiful right side of the window and no left. I had to laugh...and even funnier.  I had been given some panels earlier that I thought I had lost and were in our car.  Mark raced outside to get them, both of us sure that a left panel would be among them...we've got FOUR right panels.  It was too funny to be upset.  I'm looking into a way to adjust the panels to make them work, but to be honest I think I'll just find some new fabric.  I think it will be easier than trying to adjust them.  I have to say though, I can make four right sides of windows look very nice!!

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