Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eviction notice

So baby girl #2 has been served a possible eviction notice by my doctor.  It seems that if I do not go into labor before the week of Feburary the 28th, I will be induced that week.  Right now, I'm in that "I'm so huge and uncomfortable" stage, so this was fantastic news.  Not much longer at all!!  Everything else is going well, she is looking good and measuring on target.  I am having some pain, but nothing the dr doesn't consider normal.  Mark is amazed at how much this one distorts me too.  You can always tell which side she is on, since she seems to like to ball up.  I think our favorite game is name that body part traveling across my stomach.  ha ha.

Official countdown to the final notice is 3 weeks 2 days!! 

Princess Elizabeth enjoying her baby sister's room.  She had just gotten her hair blown dry, which she loves and leaves it wild.  She definitely has curly hair!!

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