Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potty Princess Elizabeth

I know, ANOTHER potty training update.  What can I say, I'm super proud of my Potty Princess.  Anyway, we are doing great!!  She asks to the use the potty and doesn't need reminding very often.  I don't have to wash cloth trainers very often because she is staying dry most of the day.  We still haven't had a completely dry day, but for the last three or four days (I think that is right) she has had one accident a day.  She usually stops herself and runs to tell someone.  Only once has it been a full on accident that made it past her undies to her clothes.  But even better, we've had two big changes.  1) She is still trying to go #2 on the potty and has had more success with that.  2) She went totally on her own this morning.  I was at the eye doctor, so Mark was with her.  Apparently, she ran down the hall to the bathroom pulled down her pants sat down and then called for Mark once she had gone.  AMAZING!!  I'm so proud of my Potty Princess!

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Nichole said...

Yeah! :o) Way to go!

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