Saturday, February 12, 2011

More sewing

So in my recovery state what is on my agenda?  Sewing of course!  Well, actually I just finished doing a bunch of work that I had missed from being in the hospital, hence being on the computer.  But I am on my way to do some more sewing.  Today it will be re-fixing my bedroom curtains (I think I will like them better another way), hemming my lace curtains for the girls' bath, curtains for the kitchen, and pillows for our bedroom.  I still haven't finished my den curtains, since Hobby Lobby didn't have a coupon last week.  I know it sounds cheap, but I'm not paying that much for fabric.  I can wait as they usually put out a coupon.  Mom and I have also arranged for a diaper day.  Tuesday next week, we'll be turning out the diapers.  I'm excited as I was getting worried that we wouldn't get to it. I'm also about 10 rows short on my blanket for baby.  I'm definitely going to push on that one.  Still no progress on the bunting lately, but considering the I going to need it??  It's going to be in the 60's next week.  Now that is weird.  But maybe it will be cold enough for her to wear it...that is if I can finish it.  Back to work! :)

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