Monday, September 20, 2010

The house hunt is over!

So more exciting news.  We have finally found a house!!  Located in Sullivan County near Colonial Heights, it is a 1940's ranch that has been added onto.  One floor living with the benefit of having a basement, attic, carport, and garage for storage etc.  Greatest of all, four acres of land for the Nut to run around on.  So we need to be on the lookout for a swingset, tiller (got to have a garden), and lawnmower.  Two of those things I'll probably have my Uncle Jerry help us out with.  It's also in a great school district (not the city, but the only county school that can compete with the city schools).

The house does need some work: refinishing floors, paint, new kitchen appliances, fencing, and a tree needs to come down.  But no major work that we know of...the house inspector hasn't done the inspection yet.  The loans are settled and we are in the process of getting everything rolling.  It looks like a close date of October 29th.  After that we'll have probably two weeks of work before moving in.  Anyone who wants to join in construction or moving is very welcome to come.  I'll supply food and lots of Nut time for anyone who comes.  Expect to receive a moving card in November with our new address, just in time for Christmas cards.  Ha, ha.

Doctor found!

So I was really disappointed with the recommendation our specialist gave us in Johnson City.  I had some other recommendations for Johnson City, but to be honest we were a little worried about the number of physicians in the practice.  We asked and questioned every source we had for more recommendations.  Thanks to a high school friend of mine, we came across our present doctor.  She has some great perks, including: good education, long practice, with Holston Valley (has a NICU), female, small practice (of only females), free 4D ultrasound (not my fav, I think they are a little creepy, but interested to see it work), listened to my worries (didn't dismiss me at all) and very friendly.  After weeks of searching, I'm very happy that we found her.  Most importantly, we finally set the date for the big ultrasound.  October 20th!!  So I've set up an expecting guessing game.  Part of it is to guess the gender.  Now I've removed the points for guessing the gender (in case people enter late), but I figured whoever got the closest to the weight and birth time could win a surprise.  Maybe a baked good??  You have up to the month before the due date to enter, but it's more fun if you guess now.  So please participate.

Concerts aplenty.

So way back in NC, Mark and I got excited about being near family.  A little too excited...and ended up buying tickets to four concerts in about a month and a half time.  I know, what were we thinking??  But I have to say even though I wish the concerts had been more spread out, we both really enjoyed them.  First was The Black Keys, they were FANTASTIC!  Better live than any other band I've heard.  I'd go back and see them anytime they came around.  Following The Black Keys, we saw Justin Townes Earle and Doc Watson.  AMAZING!  I wish I had an ounce of either one of their talents.  It was a show for NPR Mountain Stage and will be available for podcast download this October.  Next was She and Him.  You might know the She as Zooey Deschanel.  They were good, but their fans were carbon copies of the band.  A little too much cutesy hipster in one room for me.  The final concert was one of the best.  The Black Crowes..three and a half hours of them.  There wasn't a song that they didn't sing that I wish they had.  They really blew me out of the water.  For each concert, except Doc Watson, Mark and I were able to go with great friends which made the experience that much better.  However, I don't think we ever want to travel that much in that short of a time span ever again.

Lots more news

So I have not been very good at keeping this blog updated.  But I'll keep trying, I think this is an easier way for a lot of our family to communicate.  Now lots of things have happened.  Since there is so much, I'm going to do what I did before and create separate posts for each event.  Makes things a little easier to keep people up to date.  So see the above posts for all the latest news.
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