Monday, September 20, 2010

The house hunt is over!

So more exciting news.  We have finally found a house!!  Located in Sullivan County near Colonial Heights, it is a 1940's ranch that has been added onto.  One floor living with the benefit of having a basement, attic, carport, and garage for storage etc.  Greatest of all, four acres of land for the Nut to run around on.  So we need to be on the lookout for a swingset, tiller (got to have a garden), and lawnmower.  Two of those things I'll probably have my Uncle Jerry help us out with.  It's also in a great school district (not the city, but the only county school that can compete with the city schools).

The house does need some work: refinishing floors, paint, new kitchen appliances, fencing, and a tree needs to come down.  But no major work that we know of...the house inspector hasn't done the inspection yet.  The loans are settled and we are in the process of getting everything rolling.  It looks like a close date of October 29th.  After that we'll have probably two weeks of work before moving in.  Anyone who wants to join in construction or moving is very welcome to come.  I'll supply food and lots of Nut time for anyone who comes.  Expect to receive a moving card in November with our new address, just in time for Christmas cards.  Ha, ha.

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