Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nursery is DONE!!

So a couple of days ago we finally finished the nursery!!!  I'm super happy about this, plus I think it looks great.  See the pics below.  Now if I can just finish my crocheting and find a rug for the room, we'll be great! 

Crib bed.  We went with Pooh again.  I didn't mind using Elizabeth's old stuff, since we redid her room.  Plus changing the colors on the wall make it look new to me!  Also the yellow looks darker in a lot of these pictures because I took them at night.  If you look at the one or two in the daylight, it's a lighter shade than you think.

The watercolors that my friend Audrey made for Elizabeth.  Gorgeous!

Changing area.  I'm going to replace the diaper champ with just a wet bag in a can, since we are going cloth this time.  Know anyone who needs a diaper champ?

My rocking/nursing area.  Plus closet and toy area, which is more for Elizabeth than anyone else.

Natural light of the artwork.  I LOVE THESE!!

View from the doorway.  Yes, those are pics of Elizabeth on the wall, I plan to mix in some new ones once baby arrives.

1 comment:

Amie said...

cute cute cute... Man... those FLOORS! and the DOORS! and wooden trim around the window.. DROOOL!can't wait to see it in person!

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