Friday, August 20, 2010

And baby makes...FOUR!

If you can't guess by the title of this post, we are expecting again!!  A surprise to everyone, this little one (even though totally planned) was a little bit of a shock, since the ER doctor (I had a kidney stone) told us we weren't pregnant...only to find out two weeks later we were.  We were a little worried about my treatment for my kidney stone, but our specialist has assured us everything is looking great, so no need to worry.  Though he did give us a shock when he read my hormone level.  Apparently it was really high...they thought twins...but ultrasound just revealed just one.  Not sure I was ready for three kids just yet.

We told my parents first, since if you don't my mom figures things out and then no surprise (I think she was only partially surprised this time).  She did this with Elizabeth...what can I say, moms just know stuff.  My mom is especially intuitive.  After that we told my sister who was very surprised.  We soon had our dr's appt and were able to get a nice ultrasound picture of the heartbeat.  Because we wanted Mark's parents to know right away, we emailed the picture and called them.  We told them it was a picture of Elizabeth.  Needless to say, they were surprised.  After swearing them to secrecy, we didn't tell anyone else until my grandparents.  I told my Paw that he needed to get another job.  He had another great grandbaby to buy bonds for...ha!  I then called and emailed my brother who was at the National Jamboree for Boyscouts, since I wanted to tell him myself.  The last in our family to know was Mark's siblings, since we wanted to do it in person (my family is spread out so we knew we would have to do it separately).  Mark's dad told everyone that we were going to do a family pic.  After everyone was arranged he took the first pic and told everyone to smile.  The second pic he said "smile because Mark and Kate are having another baby".  Funniest pic ever!  I'll have to get it to share.  Everyone was pretty shocked and the picture reflects that.  We also told some of our closest friends, the lab already knew (not hard to figure out when you come to work everyday sick), and then we published the news on facebook.  Everyone has been really excited for us. 

I'll upload ultrasound pictures soon, as we have had several since that time, along with video.  With this last visit to my specialist, we got great news.  Everything is preceding normally, and I'm clear to go to an normal OB!  Hurray!!  I've got an appointment with a group in JC and have a second recommendation if I don't like that group for another one.  We are hoping to deliver at Franklin Woods in JC.  Brand new birthing suits sound great to me.

Oh, and due date- March 6th, 2011!!

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