Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Thank You!

It's rare that we are able to thank those that help us in our day to day lives enough.

This is very true for me too.  But I wanted to take this moment to send a big thank you to my family, and in particular, my parents.

Easter 2011.

My mom is fabulous!  Not only responsible for raising the wonderfulness that is myself and my siblings, but willing to take time to help me at every turn. 

Mommy there at the birth.

Like coming over every Tuesday and Thursday to watch the girls... (and she keeps coming despite their crabbiness)

It takes a lot to wrangle these two hooligans.

Or when I'm sick, doing the same thing.

Helping me sew, can, clean, and any/everything when getting ready for a party. 

If I need anything, my mom is there. 

My mommy with baby Evie, not even one day old.

So thank you, Mommy!!

My dad is wonderful too!  Again not only responsible for our happy family, but he is also ready at every turn to help.

Evie's Baptism.

Like the fact when Mark was bogged down with work before Evie's Baptism, he came an mowed the lawn.  With 2 acres to mow (we bush-hog the other 2 acres), that's a lot! 

Or when he leaves me fresh veggies from my grandparents on my back porch when driving home.

Helping me take care of the girls, taking us on vacations and out to eat, all so we can have fun.

If I need anything, my dad is there.

So thank you, Daddy!!

Showing off with Pop!
 I love you both so much, and I hope you know how much Mark and I appreciate the hard work you do for us.  

Without you, we would be lost.  


Amber said...

What a sweet post. How lucky are you??! :)

I ADORE that picture of Elizabeth and Evie in those red dresses. Cuteness overload!

Nichole said...

<3 Love! <3

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