Thursday, July 28, 2011

Granola...yeah, I guess so.

So it's happened.

I'm a completely granola mom.

I never thought it would happen, but the evidence is all there. Though I must warn you I sound pretentious, but I swear I'm not. I just do what is best for my family and if you do something different no bigs, this is just me...being a big ole hippie. ;)

1) I exclusively breastfeed. Apparently, this is now associated with being a hippie, which boggles my mind.

2) I also plan to allow Evie to self wean. I did the same for Elizabeth, only she wanted to quit at a year...I'm hoping Evie will do more than a year, but we'll see.

3) I sometimes co-sleep. I don't do it much anymore, but it is nice. Plus up to three months Evie was sleeping in the bassinet by our bed.

4) I cloth diaper. I love this, as Evie's skin looks great, we're not throwing anything away, and it saves us a TON of money!! But I did use disposables with Elizabeth.  I was full time then and she went to daycare.  Daycare = no cloth.

5) I make my own baby food. Even my own cereal...

6) I use cloth wipes, see #4.

7) I garden and try to stay organic. Again I love this, because there is a huge satisfaction growing your own food.

8) I make my own jams, jellies, freeze produce, and I'm learning to can and pickle. Big thanks to my mom, who is helping learn on my hippie journeying, by teaching me all this stuff.

9) I crochet most of our hats and scarfs. I try to make clothes for the girls. Though I've not been successful on the clothes.

10) I shop at a locally owned grocery store, keeping profits here in the USA. Ummm, this is more of a convenience thing as I hate the other grocery store in our area.

11) I shop as much as I can at the Farmer's market. This includes buying our beef and pork from there.

Which is why I wrote this post. There is something about buying local produce and meats that is so wonderful!

When you buy directly from the farmer, he/she gets all of the money. No feeding the corporate beast.

**Side note- Everything I buy at the farmer's market is CHEAPER than the grocery store- with the exception of our sausage, that is about a quarter more expensive (but totally worth it on taste)**

You also get local produce that was pick at freshness, only hours from reaching you. Unlike all the big grocers who pick unripe and transport all over to reach you days or weeks later.

You get grass fed, hormone free beef. Safer due to the lower amounts of E.coli and no additives (usually to kill E.coli) or dyeing meat to look fresh.

Best of all, tasty treats like this...

The blueberry bread I made just this week.  New recipe and it was GREAT!

which, I wouldn't have discovered without a good trip to the Farmer's market, where Mark found the tastiest blueberries ever!!!

So call me a hippie,

Or a granola mom,

I'm happy that way.

Though when you see my baby-wearing-liberal-minded self walking around don't forget to say hello.

I don't think it's catching...

Ha. Ha. ;)


Amber said...

But the kicker is, do you drive a Subaru? Because if that's the case, then you really get the official title of Granola Mom. :)

I think it's wonderful you do all those things!

Amie said...

We did a summer CSA this year and its been so fun! Brand drives out to Centerville each Monday and pick up our little basket of fresh produce. It's been SO FUN! We even went to visit the farm. Thinking about doing a meat CSA too... But this sort of thing has become more "trendy" out here than neccessary. I hate dodging the Suburbans, Lexus SUVs etc at the farmers market! GO MAMMA!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

ha you are a total hippie. but good for you!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Hmmm .... I made my own baby food and my own wipes ... I grind my own wheat to make my bread. I think we're just finding choices that fit our lifestyles, don't you?

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