Monday, July 18, 2011

Last weekend recap...

So I'm a week behind.  I should have posted this last week...but well, better late than never, right??

Anyway, we spent the weekend at a local theme park.  We have season tickets.

Elizabeth loves it.  She especially loves that my sister comes with us. 

She'll scream my sister's name and then the theme park's very exciting.

Anyway, here are a few of the wonderful things she got to do.  We obviously can't do a lot of rides do to her height, but we do as many as we can.

Flying in the elephants with Daddy!

Time to fly this bumble bee!

Duckie ride!

Someone loves the carousel.
We also saw a bubble show.  The guy did all these huge bubble and bubbles in weird shapes.  They also filled the room full of bubbles.  Elizabeth enjoyed it. The rest of us enjoyed the air conditioning. ha ha.

Melissa and I played skee ball too.  I'm not that great, but Melissa is fantastic.  She won Elizabeth a blow up monkey.

Elizabeth promptly named him Seahorse the Monkey. 

And what did Evie do?

Well, what she does best of course.


Cerise said...

Looks like a fantastic place! We have something similar down the road, but it ends up being pretty expensive. Maybe I should see if they have season passes.

Amber said...

I always loved the flying elephants when I was younger, our theme park used to have them, but took them out several years ago. :(

I saw a bubble show when I was student teaching and was totally mesmerized by it, they're so cool!

I love that Seahorse the Monkey is bigger than Evie, she seems to have reacted to his presence well. :) Sounds like the (last) weekend was great, hope this was just as good!

Nichole said...

Looks like a fun time had by all! :O)

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