Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Mad Mommy

I had originally planned to write about this past weekend. But then I went to my doctor, and I came back angry.

So instead of entertaining you all with stories of hot air balloons, I'm afraid I will be ranting instead. Though I do have to warn you, this post talks about "lady" issues. If you are offended by this talk or would prefer not to know, please stop reading now.

Before I delve into the angry part, I'm afraid I have to supply some back story. I'll try to keep it brief though.

Way back when (dinosaurs were extinct though) I was 17, I started having very painful periods. When I went in for a regular checkup I mentioned it to my dr. She told me that was normal and to take ibuprofen. Being young and immature, I didn't fight her on it and starting taking ibuprofen.

(side note- never EVER let someone tell you pain is normal)

To be honest, it didn't hardly put a dent in my pain. So I talked to my aunt who is a nurse. She told me I could take more than what was listed on the bottle, and from then on I was taking huge doses of ibuprofen to manage the pain.

That actually worked until I turned 19 and started having dull aches in my back that wouldn't go away. I went to the dr. Lots of tests and ultrasounds later I was on birth control and taking much stronger pain meds (the pain was so intense). A year or so after seeking help, I begged my doctor to do surgery. The last possible diagnosis was endometriosis and it can only be diagnosed via surgery. He relented and it was discovered I did have it. Two huge adhesions were removed from my ovaries and multiple sections from my abdominal wall. Suddenly, the game had changed and the doctors believed me.

I was advised to start Lupron and it did relieve my pain. Granted the menopausal symptoms were no fun, but I was so happy to be pain free.

After Lupron, I started a cycle of birth control after birth control. Basically, staying on one until it stopped working. About two years after my first surgery, I had to once again go back to Lupron.

From there it was more birth control, bone scans, another surgery, more birth control, pregnancy, miscarriage, and a successful pregnancy.

(Side note- I was SUPER lucky to have gotten pregnant. I credit this to my early and excellent treatment. Especially my doctor in KY- both of my girls are miracle babies)

After pregnancy I had a full ten months of relief. No birth control and no pain meds. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I then went on birth control and that gave me another year.

Then it came back, and I did Lupron again. For some weird reason it didn't work this time, and I had to decide between hysterectomy, more surgery, or pregnancy. We knew we wanted more kids so we got pregnant.

Since I've had Evie my period returned in the second month (even though I exclusively breastfeed). The second period I had was super painful, but I ignored it the best I could. Then this last month I had PAIN. Not with a period, just straight up pain on its own. So I called my doctor.

First it took then over a week to get me in. During that time the pain faded, and I started to wonder if I had a cyst. I kept the appointment and went even though I only had some dull back pain.

From the moment I got there, I knew I should have gone someplace else. While my doctor was a great OB, it was apparent that anything outside of pregnancy was either not interesting or out of her scope.

Now I loved her in the delivery room. She was great! But the whole time yesterday, she was anxious to leave and very non-committal about anything. She even suggested my pain might be due to chasing around two kids. After ten years of dealing with this disease I couldn't believe I had found another doctor that didn't believe me!!!

She finally relented and told me I might have a cyst. They would do an ultrasound, but they couldn't do it that day. It had to be scheduled. So off I went to reception, only to find out that they couldn't do an ultrasound until next thursday- over a week away!!!

Now if you know anything about cysts, you know that they usually don't last very long and by the time I got back would be gone. I was so MAD!!!

First to be told I might be overreacting, and then to not even go through the possibilities seriously?!?

Needless to say, I'm looking for a new doctor and will canceling my ultrasound.

At least it's 29 year old Kate dealing with this instead of 19 year old Kate.

Older Kate knows it's not normal to have pain...

Older Kate won't put up with disrespectful people...

Older Kate knows she is the expert when it comes to her body...

I only hope that other people in the same situation know this too.

Thanks for sticking with me, and if course, for letting me vent.


Cerise said...

I am so sorry! If you were here in the Dallas, Texas area, I would suggest my doctor.
I had pain like that every month...until I got pregnant (and stayed pregnant). After that the pain magically went away. Wish I knew why. I had been given pain meds that usually go to woman who have just had C-sections...and there I was 18 and never even been pregnant. Scared me to death every month, but I was young and my Doctor at the time said it was normal...so it must be right? Sigh. I'm just happy it went away. Hope you figure out what's wrong and are able to treat the pain!

Amber said...

Ugh - I'm sorry you're having to go through all that. :( Good doctors are difficult to find and that's your health so you expect your doctor to care and listen to what you're saying.

Good luck girl, do your research and hopefully you find a good replacement ASAP!

Nichole said...

HUGS! Hope that you find a good doctor! Hope that the pain stays away or is not too bad until you find one too!

Beth said...

AMEN! Every person deserves to have a doctor who listens, who respects you, and who does everything they can to ensure your health.

Have they checked your kidneys at all? Or hormone levels? They should be running a complete panel of bloodwork to rule out anything serious. Grrrr!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

My blood was boiling just reading this!!! Why do doctors DO this?! I started having contractions about 5 months when I was pregnant with my youngest. I took in the latest study on c-sections (HUGE population) that said the risks of a uterine rupture were dramatically increased if the conditions were .... exactly like me! His response, "I've never had a uterine rupture during my 20 years of practice, so I'm not worried."

All he could say was that my contractions weren't leading to anything so I just needed to rest. GUESS WHAT?! Five years later my c-section scar still aches you doh-doh doctor! AAACK!!

I'm soo sorry! I am so mad for you!

Brandy@YDK said...

I'm so sorry. sometimes I think doctors are just not those perfect people that I build in my head. I hope you find a better one!

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