Thursday, July 21, 2011

She's little, but never forgotten.

So I write a lot about Elizabeth, and you all don't hear too much about Evie.

That's not on purpose.  The truth is, I tend to write about where we are going and what we are doing...and well, only Elizabeth is old enough for a lot of these classes we participate in. 

But that doesn't mean Evie's not doing a lot of things.

On the contrary, she's really growing and developing quickly.

She constantly smiles!

She is loving her exersaucer...and all the wonderful things to chew on.

She still rocks the cloth diapes...

and has a body built by breastmilk.

Her latest achievement, rolling over! 

Last Wednesday, she was on her kick mat having tummy time and PLOP, she was over.  I was so excited.  I called Mark right away. 

Since I worked full time with Elizabeth, I didn't see her first roll over.  So this time was super special for me, and reminded me how lucky I am to be home.

On top of it all, she coos and goos all the time.  I'm afraid we'll never have silence in this house...but that's fine by me. 

Happy to have my girls!!


Nichole said...

Way to go Evie! :o) Big things are coming with our babies! They grow so fast! Glad that you got to see it too!

Amber said...

Congrats to Evie's big achievement! She always looks like she's full of smiles - so sweet! :)

Amie said...

ooooo i wanna hug that baby!!!! What a big girl!

sarajo said...

What a sweetie! She is so cute! And they grow up too fast.

What diaper is she wearing?

WhisperingWriter said...

She's so sweet! Natalie loved her exercaucer too.

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