Friday, July 22, 2011

I confess, I'm a mixed up crazy bag 'o mommy.

It's that time of the week, time to confess all those things that make life fun, annoying, and everything in between.  So after enjoying my lovely confessions, head on over to Mamrazzi  to read everyone's confessions or to join in and confess yourself.

Lately, I've been a big ole bag of crazy emotions.  You can see my crazy fact let's count the crazy. ;)


I confess,

That I haven't done this in a month, and I feel bad about it. 

I miss it.

Most importantly, I miss all the people that drop in to say hello and of course, all the people I get to visit as well.

I'm a little disappointed that I haven't been good about keeping up. But I guess that's life.

Emotion #1- Disappointment

I confess,

That I'm jealous of my oldest daughter, Elizabeth.

She's in swim lessons this week and next.  Every day we walk into the pool area, and I wish it were both of us in the water.

I may be a pasty white girl, but I LOVE to swim.  Hence, the jealously.

Emotion #2- Jealously

I confess,

I am super proud of Elizabeth too.

She is going underwater, kicking really well, and listening to her instructor.

She was a little afraid to jump in today, but that's been it. 

Emotion #3- Pride

I confess,

That I was a little bit miffed that Elizabeth didn't believe me when I told her I was a dr.

You see we got her a dr's kit, and I got out my old labcoat for her to wear. 

It's a nice one.  No blood or excrement on it, but instead my name embroidered.  It's a "show" labcoat, not like the ones I actually wore when I was in the lab.

So I told her it was my coat...and she told me mommy wasn't a dr.  I don't care about the title part, I mean I have never had my students address me as dr, but it bothers me that she didn't believe me.  That I could be dismissed so easily.

And then I thought, this is a small glimpse into the teenage years...and I shuddered.

Emotion #4- Frustration

I confess,

That I took advice from Blue's Clue.

Yeah, the tv show.

Steve said when you are frustrated to take a step back and breathe.  Then think.

I took Steve's advice today...ok, I took it a couple of times.  Sad part, Steve's a pretty smart guy when it comes to frustration.  I actually felt a lot better. 

Then I instantly felt embarrassed that I took emotional advice from a show for preschoolers.

Emotion #5- Embarrassment

I confess,

I was super happy last night.

I got dinner on the table, and Mark asked Elizabeth if it smelt good.

She said, "No, it doesn't smell good, it smells great!". 

Earlier when we made cookies.

I was feeling pretty good at that point.

Emotion #6- Happiness
I confess,

That I was mowing our yard the other day and the belt broke before I could finish.

Now thanks to all this rain and humidity, our yard looks like a jungle.

Very annoying.

Emotion #7- Annoyed

I confess,

I got angry this morning because Evie woke us up at 4 am. 

Yeah, I got mad at this one said I was mom of the year, though.

 I usually don't mind getting up, but I went to bed at 12:40...then night before that 2 am. 

I need sleep. If I don't get sleep, I get cranky.  But I also want to get things done...therefore, I stay up late.

Emotion #8- Anger

I confess,

That I have felt all of these emotions in the last 24 hours, some in the last 6 hours, and a lot in the last two hours.

What does this prove?

A) I'm a woman and capable of emotions.  (technically, I know men have emotions, but don't try to get them to admit to that)

B) I'm a mommy on a rollercoaster called "Preschooler".


Amber said...

Loving the realness!

If I was doctor I'd be frustrated if people didn't believe me too! That's a whole lotta work for people to not believe you.

Steve has a lot of good advice, more people should sit back and watch preschool television once in a while.

Preschoolers do keep you on their toes, but they're so much fun - I miss working with them!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!

Nichole said...

I am on the same ride! Fun isn't it? :o)

WhisperingWriter said...

I also stay up late. And I am not a morning person.

Cerise said...

Love this post! Don't feel bad about her not believing you. To her your "Mom". "Just" that. When she's old enough to understand that you can be a mother AND a doctor, she'll be amazed that her mother is so smart. :o)

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Adorable post, my friend -- I think motherhood EQUALS those emotions (and more)

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