Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap- Beauty and the Beast

So I'm a week behind, but again, better late than never.

Last weekend was super exciting.  Why?


I'm a huge fan, and can remember when the movie came out.  In fact, for my birthday one year I got the new VHS of Beauty and the Beast (am I dating myself here??).  I actually still have it...and it works.

When I saw our local theatre was putting on a production of Beauty and the Beast, I knew we had to go.  I also knew I wanted to take Elizabeth.  After trying out the Three Little Piggies, I knew she would probably enjoy it.

I was nervous, but I shouldn't have been.

Sitting with Aunt Melissa waiting for the show to start.

Not only were there TONS of little kids there, but Elizabeth LOVED IT and was well behaved.  She sat perfectly still, in awe of the magic the actors created.

All in all, one of the best experiences I've had at the theatre and since Elizabeth is loving it so much, we're headed back.  This time The Reluctant Dragon.  It's for little kids and looks great.  I'm excited!


Amber said...

I saw a Beauty and the Beast play when I was in elementary school and I loved it! Glad your showing was great as well!

Oh and my VHS copy still works too, I've still got a pretty extensive VHS collection, with my player at my house. :) I'll probably never give them up!

Nichole said...

How fun! :o) Glad everyone had a great time!!

Melissa said...

I think me and the nut look pretty good.

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