Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crafty fun- New wipes and burp cloth

So last friday, I got to go over to my mom's and use her Bernina.

It runs like a dream.  I wish I had one...but never mind that.

I got a bunch of wipes done.  I used the serger on most and top stitched some of the others.  You can see them below.

I also got a burp cloth done and the other two constructed.  Right when I was getting ready to top stitch the other two...yep, the babies got up.  So I have to wait to finish those.

I really love the burp cloths, they are nice and big.  For some reason stores think babies have nice petite delicate spit ups.

Not my kids.  Think drunken sailor meets the exorcist- that's how Evie spits up when she does.

I chose the crocheted version.  It was less gross than the normal one.

That's why I love these.  Really absorbent and covers your shirt.  Oh and I know it's Easter fabric, but it's too cute!!  Plus, if anyone says anything I'll just show them Evie's exorcist move.


jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Those are super-cute, Kate! And I am jealous that you have access to a serger! :) Are your wipes 2 layers of flannel? Or more? Will you keep us updated on how absorbent they are? Cloth wipes are on my to-make list... and I think now that I've seen how cute your burp cloths are, I'll be making a few of those, too!

Nichole said...

Very cute! Love the pictures! LOL I agree that a big burp cloth is WONDERFUL! And as far as the print....if they say anything, let them hold her WITHOUT a burp cloth. They will never say anything again! LOL

Brandy@YDK said...

love your spit up demos

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