Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tada Tuesday

Ok, so I usually write an it's okay Tuesday post...and given the day I had yesterday I could use an it's okay day.

But too much has gone on lately.  I need to tell you all about the other stuff going on.  So I'm taking an it's okay break this week.

Instead it's Tada Tuesday!!  What am I all excited about you ask?  Well, as some of you all know I cloth diaper Baby Evie.  I've been loving it, but I had one complaint- Rinsing.

Now I know we all cloth diaper a little differently.  But I'm a firm believer in lots of rinses.  I rinse before the diaper goes in the pail.  I do a soak and rinse before I wash them.  Then I rinse them twice to make sure all the soap is out. 

Overkill, well maybe.  But I get a lot of the solid and liquids out before they hit the washer, then I get the rest out before I even add detergent. I want to make sure they stay nice without buildup (which can trap odor), so I add extra rinses after the washing.  All in all, it works great.  I don't have stains or worry that they aren't clean.

So I've know I've just confused you.  You're wondering if she's so happy with rinses, why is that her complaint?? Well, you know that rinse before it goes into the pail?  That was my dunk rinse.  What's that you ask? It's where you dunk the soiled diaper in the toilet to rinse out the solids.  Sound gross?  It's really not, but it gets old fast. 

How to you get around it? Two words- Diaper Sprayer!!  Now they sell them online for 50-60 bucks.  But I didn't want to spend on something I technically didn't need.  So my handy hubby made a trip to Lowe's. 

He bought a kitchen sprayer and hooked it up to the water line coming into the toilet.  It's awesome.  It sprays everything away, keeping my hands clean and out of the toilet, plus all Evie's waste goes where it belongs- the commode and not my washer.  Yay! 

The really nice part.  It has a water shut off valve. The ones online don't have this option. They just spray when you push the button.  Can anyone understand what is wrong with that?  I'll give you a hint...

She gets a vet set and the cat is the patient.
Just imagine what little Miss Elizabeth could do with her own sprayer.  It boggles the mind.  But the good news, mine has a shut off valve.  So unless the valve is engaged it won't spray and although my three year old is very clever, she hasn't figured that out yet.

By the way, I love it. It works super well, and was about 30 bucks cheaper than buying online, plus I have the all important shut off valve. 

Way to go, Handy Hubby!


Mamarazzi said...

THAT is pretty much brilliant. i REALLY love when people see a product that is ridiculously priced and make one BETTER and CHEAPER!


i also think you are amazing for doing cloth diapers without a diapering service.

Amie said...

any takers on when Elizabeth figures out the sprayer?!?! I bet its sooner than later! ;)

Brandy@YDK said...

i can see why that would be super exciting. and love amie's comment. lol.

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