Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom Monday- Mother's Day Edition

Mark, my hubby, tried to convince Elizabeth that it was Mommy's special day.

She didn't buy it.

Mark- "It's Mommy's special day, tell Mommy Happy Mother's Day".

Elizabeth- "It's not Mommy's special day, it's MY special day".

Mark- "Your special day is Saturday, when we have your pirate party.  Today is Mommy's day".

Elizabeth- "NO.  It's MY day, it's not Mommy's day".

Mark- "At least tell Mommy you love her".

Elizabeth- "It's MY day, I love you".

Where was Mommy?

Blissfully staring at my NEW SEWING/EMBROIDERY machine.  Happy Mommy Elizabeth Day to me!


Cerise said...

SO jealous! I want one of those SO badly! Happy Elizabeth Day!!

Nichole said...

How funny! :oP Be sure to wipe up the drool! LOL

Amie said...

Doesn't matter what the day is called! Just give out presents!!!! :) We gave my mamma the best gift of all... we left her alone! haha!

Brandy@YDK said...

WOOOHOOO - that's the same sewing machine I have! so exciting.

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