Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two month old shots = Nightmare!!

So Evie is officially a two month old!! 

She's really letting her personality show more and more. She smiles at all of us and quick to let you know when she is hungry.  As long as she is fed, she is a super calm baby.  That's why yesterday was such a surprise.

Such a happy girl!!

Yesterday was her two month old shots.  She cried when they gave them to her, but calmed down quickly.  That was around 10 am.  At 1 pm, the storm clouds gathered.  She started to fuss, I gave her some more Tylenol, it was time.  By 1:30 she was SCREAMING.  I couldn't get her to stop.  This was around Elizabeth's nap time.  She wouldn't go to bed because of all the noise.  So she was crying too.

Forty-five minutes later she fell asleep, so did Elizabeth.  I tried my best to calm down...15 minutes later, Elizabeth woke up and that woke up Evie, screaming again.  Another hour and I called the dr.  Something was wrong.  She never stopped and wouldn't eat.  They told me to come in. 

I ran in and got Elizabeth up.  I don't think I prayed so much in such a short period of time. We jumped in the car and raced to the dr.  I was TERRIFIED.  One the way to the dr, Evie fell asleep.  They took us straight back. 

So the best news, Evie is perfectly fine.  She had a "bad" reaction (not allergic) to the shots.  The dr said that it wasn't unusual and might be due to the immune response to the shots starting.  Of course she was a perfect angel for the dr, but to be honest I was just so relieved everything was fine. 

Since then she is back to her calm, happy self.  She has been sleeping well too.

Also it looks likes she is a lot like her sister.  She is already on the small side- 25th percentile in weight.  Elizabeth did the same thing.  Started at 50th percentile and dropped all the way to 4th percentile.  The drs were never worried, since she kept meeting all her developmental goals.  We just have small kids in this family.  Love my petite girls!! They are both average on height though.

I'm just so happy Evie is doing well.  She certainly scared me.  I guess they are right, being a mom means your heart walks around outside your body. :)

Mid-smile. My happy baby!


Nichole said...

So glad that it was nothing serious! Hope that doesnt happen every time she gets shots! What a cute smile and diaper too! :o)

Brandy@YDK said...

oh man - that sounds scary. i'm so glad everything is ok.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Oh, that was the scenario I always worried about w/the kids - thankfully, my kids never did. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless when your kids are in pain.

BUT - she is seriously such a CUTE little girl! So cute!

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