Friday, May 27, 2011

I confess I'm totally random

It's that time of the week, time to confess all those things that make life fun, annoying, and everything in between.  So after enjoying my lovely confessions, head on over to Mamrazzi  to read everyone's confessions or to join in and confess yourself.

I confess,

That I haven't done this in weeks, and I feel really bad I haven't.

I enjoy confessing.  I also enjoy linking up, but I'm not great about getting to everyone's page.

Don't get me wrong, I try really hard.  But something always stops me from getting to everyone.  My apologies to those I miss.

I confess,

That nap time is one of my favorite parts of my day.

So I'm not going to win Mom of the year for that statement, yet it's true.  I love being home with the kids, but after awhile even a saint needs a break.

I see nap time as me time. I work, craft, clean, or rest.  No matter what I do, it's just me for a couple of hours and that's nice.

I confess,

That I'm mad at my cat.  He's clawing our stuff.

I. Have. No. Tolerance. For. That.

He's got cat toys and scratching posts.  He's even got four acres and trees to take his aggression out on...why does he focus it on the play mat in the nursery!?!

I'm not sure Pooh Bear can take much more...or me either.  Soft Paws might be in his future.

I confess,

I'm in LOVE with my new sewing machine.  Why?

It threads itself!!

It does beautiful work!!

It doesn't lose tension all of a sudden like my old one!!

I haven't even scratched the surface on what it can do. I'm so excited to do my first embroidery with it.  I've got a few things in the works for some friends.  I hope they like them. :)

I confess,

I really love comic book movies.  No wait, let me change that to- I really love comic book movies that I haven't read the comic book.

I'm a purist on my comic books, so I don't like it when they change a lot of stuff for the movie.

Which makes this summer awesome, because I was never a Green Lantern or Captain America fan.

But I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds and lots of eye candy on the movie screen.  Go Summer Blockbusters!!

(oh and sorry to my hubby- you're still number one to me!)

I confess,

That I'm a totally nerd.

I mean I just posted a confession about comic books.

Need further proof?

I'm giddy about our local theater's production of Beauty and the Beast.

Yes, you saw that correctly, I typed Beauty and the Beast.  It will be awesome.  They always do a great job, and it's my favorite one.

Only one bad part- no kids under 8 yrs.  Or wait maybe that's not so bad...  ;)


Brandy@YDK said...

i would love to see a theater version of beauty and the beast. and when i'm home on the weekends for naps - i always end up taking one too.

VandyJ said...

I love nap time too. Also love bedtime. It means I can sit and not worry about someone needing anything, even my attention.

Anonymous said...

Everyone mom loves nap time. And OMG, the more Green Lantern previews I see, the less I care. I will watch ANY comic book movie but most of them have kind of sucked. Except Thor. THAT was good.

Amber said...

Ok so - I love comic book movies too, but I haven't read any comic books...I feel like I probably should.

Also, I saw a theater version of Beauty & The Beast when I was younger and I LOVED it. It got me to really love and appreciate watching plays, I don't go to enough of them really.

My cat claws my couch and it makes me so mad, I don't care if he claws anything else but leave the damn couch alone! I'm thinking of investing in a squirt

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I love beauty and the beast and watch the cartoon with my kids a lot, but I'd love to see the play! And I hope you don't take offense but I hate cats, that's why I'd never get one! Sometimes I think kitties are really cute, but then I realize they grow up to be snooty cats and I don't like that!

Mamarazzi said...

i had to kick my kitties out when they got to my sofa. they are happier outside and so am i!!

thanks for linking up, i always enjoy your confessions. i wouldn't worry about getting to everyone who links up. i finally had to just comment on people who commented on mine and if there was time left i would try and hit the rest of the links. do what you can, don't worry!

Nichole said...

Love your confessions! :o) Nap time a dream time for me too! Even if that does mean I clean the entire house the entire least a little one isnt following me around messing it right back up! LOL

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