Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby weight loss- Week 11

It's that time again!!  Time to step on the scales and see the damage.  That's right, it's:

So here's this week's stats.

Overall goal: -30 lbs
1st goal: -10 lbs
Weight loss/gain: 0
Overall loss: -4.0

So I'm not surprised about this... I've been better this week, but not great.  We had some sickness, which required me to go to the doctor with kids.  On our way back, we hit fast food...yeah, not great for the diet, but what we needed at that moment.  The rest of the week we were ok.  I've laid off the pop, focused on staying active the majority of the day, but skimped on exercise.

Here's what I did well:

1. Nursing Evie.  Ok, so I do this all the time, but it counts.

2. Movement.  Seriously, except for a few times during the day, I hardly sat down.

3. Eating at home.  Pretty healthy, and better portion control.

Some things I need to improve on:

1. Better food control. I wasn't horrible, but I need to do better. More portion control and less fatty items.

2. EXERCISE. I need to get back on my schedule. Nothing else to it.  I also think I need to get someone else to exercise with me.  That way I will be accountable to someone else besides me.

Some things that I think should be outlawed:

1. Baby snuggle naps (not really, just when I don't exercise because of them).  Ok, baby snuggling is one of my favorite activities...but at nap time I need to keep moving and working.  That way I have time to exercise later on and so I can keep burning calories.  But when you are tired and you've got a baby you can's hard to say no.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle this cutie??

2. Sickness.  That's kept me inside the beginning of this week. I hate being sick and sick kids are worse.  It breaks my heart to see them sick, plus I end up skipping exercise.  Sorry, but true.

3. Cookies.  Lately that's all I want.  Cookies, Cookies, Cookies.  I feel like Cookie Monster...only I hope I speak better. ;)

4. The Big Pal with....(wait for it)....BACON!!  AHH! My favorite local restaurant, with my favorite hamburger is now adding Bacon to it.  Like it wasn't hard enough to not get a Big Pal, now they are adding BACON...and I've made my feelings about bacon pretty clear.   Love of Bacon on the bottom of the page.  I need a backbone, seriously, or I'm going to eat my weight in bacon...and that won't be pretty.

Don't forget to head over to Brandy's page You Don't Know and check out her progress and everyone's else too.  Maybe even join up, you'd be glad you did!  No matter what, leave Brandy a nice comment for hosting this link up and for doing so well on her own weight loss journey.  It's a nice thing to do, plus she's super cool.


Brandy@YDK said...

i love bacon. so much. i think I could eat it 3 meals a day.

Kerri said...

mmm bacon ...i switched to turkey bacon so i could eat more haha

Dr. OZ has a fast food diet..what u eat when ur on the run type thing on his website. He helps u pick the right thing if u do go out to eat and its not all salads and blah stuff lol

Nichole said...

I just want a Big Pal! I am not a big fan of bacon. I rarely eat it. Crazy, I know! LOL

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