Monday, May 23, 2011

One of those Days...

So I woke up this morning very happy for two reasons. 

1) We had power. 

You see we had this huge storm and lost power.  I couldn't work, we had to light candles everywhere, and so eventually we just went to bed early.  Of course the power came on at 12 am and woke Elizabeth, so I had to lay down with her.  I finally got back to bed around 3 am.

2) My work week had reset. 

I'm officially not behind at work.  I'm going to stay on top of my hours, at least, that's the plan.  There aren't any major trips ahead of us or I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll maintain this week.

But my happiness was short lived.  Everything fell apart pretty quickly...

We loss power.  I was looking into playing with my new sewing machine, finally, and we lost power.

Evie started coughing again and getting upset.  I started to call the dr, but couldn't find the number.  No power- no internet and the yellow pages didn't list our dr.  Then Elizabeth had an accident.  She took a step forward and fell backwards.  I dropped the phone book and checked her.  By this time, Evie was screaming.  I settled Elizabeth down and tried to calm Evie.  It didn't work. 

I picked the phone book back up and found them in the white pages, I got the nurse on the phone.  The verdict- bring Evie in and just watch Elizabeth (I'm super paranoid about head bumps).  I got Mark home, got Evie ready, and we were out the door.

Two hours later- Evie has a URT infection and is on antibiotics.  Power is finally back on, the house is a wreck, but I did manage to get both of them asleep at the same time.  I'm hoping I can just play a little with my machine.  I really want to get started on some projects, especially because I have a baby shower in a week to go to...but work comes first.

Life sometimes seems like a comedy of errors, only it's not so funny when it's happening to you. ;)

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Nichole said...

Hugs to you girl! Sounds like you are doing great though! What is URT? Hope she gets better super soon! Also, hope the power stays on so you can....Play! LOL Hope work continues to go well from now on too! Good luck!

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