Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the Road to Granola Town- Teething Biscuits

Evie has been teething since she turned six months old.  So you can imagine how much she gnaws on everything!

Finally I decided that I needed to help her out, so I went looking for teething biscuit recipes.

Lots of them have whole eggs or lots of sugar in the recipe...which for an older baby (over a year) is fine, but not for my little one (just turned 8 months).

But after lots of searching I found a recipe here.  I liked it for several reasons:

1) Simple and not a lot of fuss.

2) No egg whites- she's not old enough for egg whites yet.

3) No granulated sugar- instead an all natural sugar that actually has nutrients in it! 
 (That is if you use REAL maple syrup.  Don't buy the other stuff, it's just corn syrup with maple flavoring.  So just sugar and no nutrients...)

4)It used applesauce rather than bananas.
Bananas tend to constipate children, and Evie isn't a big fan.  Plus we make our own applesauce, so easy on us.

After finding the recipe, I decided it was time to try.

First I got all my ingredients together.

Then just mix it up.

Roll it out and cut into circles.

Poke holes in the center and widen with your finger.  If you want a wide hole for your baby, make it really wide.  The dough will shrink up when baking.  Evie is still little, so I left them small.  Place on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees until brown.

Let them dry out on your counter over night.  That way they are nice and tough.  Yes, tough!  These are to gnaw on, so you want them to be like a bone or rock. 

Store and enjoy whenever baby wants or up to two weeks.

Oh, and after your baby has slobbered awhile on these, it will get a little messy...but as my mom told me, a messy baby is a happy baby!


WhisperingWriter said...

Those look awesome!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I didn't like the teething biscuits that they sold at the store, but I never thought to make my own. Great idea! She's so cute!

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