Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Doctor's visit and new ultrasounds

So first the good news, all is well in baby land.  Baby Poppy Seed is estimated to weigh a little over 3 lbs and is ranked 40th percentile.  She is currently curled in a little ball, and yes, I mean this literally.  During the ultrasound and one of the pictures I will post below you can see her grabbing her feet and pulling them up.  Perhaps this is why I am sticking far out rather than growing wider.  She is extremely active and has definite awake/sleep times, which I'm afraid are not correlating to Elizabeth's resting times.  :(  No news yet on expected delivery as it is too early to tell.  But the doctor is happy with our progress and everything is measuring correctly.

The ultrasound pictures went nicely.  She kept putting her hands in front of her face, but with some coaxing (in other words pushing on her with the ultrasound wand), she finally moved a bit for some pictures.  Of course eventually that coaxing turned her angry and you could tell (her little face scrunched up and she HIT back).  We've got several good ones, including one of her smiling.  It's pretty cute.  Now I will warn you, these are the 4D pictures (our dr offers them for free).  For myself, I've always felt a little weird about them (no offense to anyone).  There is something a little creepy about seeing your baby's face before it's born.  Not that I think people shouldn't have them or they aren't cool (or that I haven't thought other people's aren't cool).  I think the technology is great, but sometimes I'm not sure how much I really love them (it's a catch 22 situation).  I will say when it is your own baby you are looking at, it doesn't seem to matter.  You love any pictures, or at least it's that way for momma bear.  Mark is still a little on the fence about them.  ;)  Anyway, if you're like me and you're not a huge fan of this, don't scroll down.  If not, scroll down and check them out.  Leave a comment if you like telling me how silly I am for being nervous about it.

Now the not so bad, but more frustrating scanner is no longer compatible with my computer.  It seems our scanner, which has lasted us for years and years is not putting out drivers for Windows 7.  So no scanned pictures, instead I took pictures with my phone of the ultrasound pictures.  I know, this means the quality isn't great, but you can tell you are looking at a baby.  Hope you still like them, and I will try to post scanned versions when Mark comes home.  He is running XP, which is compatible with our scanner. :)

Serious baby face.  Looks like her older sister with pouty lips and all!!

Baby's foot- the marks on the side of her foot that you think are extra toes- fingers!  She's holding her feet up towards her chest.  Comfortable little ball of baby.

My favorite, a smiling baby.  Like the last ultrasound, she was constantly moving her mouth.  Mark will never get a moments rest in our house.

Brought that arm up to hide, you can still see some chubby cheeks though!


Nichole said...

So cute! :o) I love the pictures and had them done with both Anderson and Annabelle! Not creepy at all!

Kate said...

Thanks, I guess I'm just not used to them. It is strange how much she looks like Elizabeth in the shots. They've got me even more confused on a name than ever. Hopefully, she'll have a name before we leave the hospital. ha ha. ;)

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