Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hospital Tour

So Tuesday we went on a tour of Holston Valley Hospital where Miss Poppy Seed will be born (and no, we don't have a name, so Poppy seed has to suffice for now).  Anyway,  it wasn't a big tour as we had already been there before when they thought I might be in preterm labor.  But I have to say, I'm super impressed with their postpartum or Mommy rooms, nice and large.  When we delivered at UK with Elizabeth they were in the midst of transitioning the older double rooms into private rooms and more of them.  At the time the only way to guarantee you would get a private room was to ask for the smaller one.  So that's what we did, and boy was it small.  Hard to believe Kingsport, TN has the one up on the University of Kentucky hospital, but in that case they definitely do.  Mark was especially excited to see that his sleeping area was much longer and if you know my husband you know why (he's a very tall man). 

Most importantly we found out all the information necessary for anyone who comes to visit.  I'm listing it below along with a map for any out of towners.  

1. If you are coming to visit here are the necessary steps to get into the birthplace area (it's a lock down facility).
-Upon arriving at the hospital, park in the parking garage directly across from the main entrance.
-Enter into the hospital on the first floor.  Depending on which entrance you use you may have to walk up a few stairs, but nothing dramatic.  In either case you will head to your left, following signs to the birthplace.  You will find elevators that have a sign in front saying to the birthplace.  There is also several desks to ask directions at.  If you see the gift shop, you are extremely close to the elevators, just keep heading left.
-Once on the elevators head to level 3.
-Coming off the elevator, you will see a sign pointing to the left that says birthplace.  Behind that is a phone.   You will need to pick up the phone and tell the nurse who you are coming to see, give them my legal last name (Smith), as I that is what they have me preregistered under.
-If we are in labor, head down the hall to the first nurses desk and ask for the family waiting area.  It is easy to find as it is across from the nursery and directly behind the first nurses desk.  You'll see the vending machines etc.  Now I'm sure Mark will have his phone, but it may be better to call my sister, who will also be in the room with us.  She will be better able to give updates and information.  If you need her number just drop me an email, and I'll get it to you.
-The hospital has a strict two person in the room rule.  So only Mark and Melissa will be allowed in the delivery room.  I'm not sure we'll be able to have anyone back to see the baby until we move to the postpartum room (about an hour or two after the baby is born).  However, I'm sure Melissa will be taking pictures and will rush them out for everyone to see our new bundle of joy. 
-If we have already delivered simply head back to our room.  Either Mark or someone else will be able to give you the number.  There is no limit on visitors in this area, unless Baby is having a meal, then Mommy prefers some "private" time. ;)
-Finally, when leaving the facility you will go out the way you came in.  However, you will again need to pick up the phone before the door for them to unlock it.  If you try to open it without calling, the alarm will sound.  Trust me, we've done it. ;)

2. How to get to the hospital, and yes, there is a roundabout.
hospital directions

Well, it's definitely getting closer to the big day.  Four weeks until I'm "full" term and 8 weeks until the due date.  Oh, and I promise she will have name.

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Nichole said...

Sounds almost exactly the same as the hospital here. :o) Looking forward to that name! :oP

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