Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overdue Thank You!!

So I have been neglectful of giving some very wonderful people a big Thank You!  I can honestly say, it is partly because of the crazy amount of work we have been doing over the last month and my descent into pregnancy brain.  Also I was hoping to mail out thank you cards first before posting online how great these people are.  Well, I'm dropping the some thank you cards in the mail tomorrow, so here goes!

First thank you to my mom!  She has not only been collecting baby clothes for us (we borrowed some for Elizabeth and are unable to do so this time, so we needed some), but she has also found us a bassinet and is making Baby Girl's coming home outfit.  If you have seen my mom's previous work, you know it will be beautiful. On top of that she has given me decorating items including some curtains and a new wing back chair.  Even better she is helping conquer the sewing block I have and making diapers. I love my Mommy!!

Second, big thanks to my sister Melissa.  She is very supportive (especially during my crazy times), but also has been super nice giving us clothes not only for Baby, but for our little Nut too.  Today Elizabeth wore a new dress from her Aunt Melissa, which she has deemed her ballerina dress.  It has tulle layers and Elizabeth whirled around in them.  Also I have to say thanks in advance to Melissa for coming to the hospital.  If she is able to get there like she was for Elizabeth's birth, she will be invaluable.  Yay for Melissa!!

Third, thanks to Mrs. Crow, my mother in law.  She was able to send us more baby clothes from a friend of hers.  I really appreciate her thinking of us and her friend for being so generous.  We can't thank you enough!!

Fourth, I have to give a big thanks to Mark's sister in law, Kristin.  She also sent us baby clothes, and it is unimaginable the amount that she sent.  Needless to say, baby girl is not in need of any clothes for the next 6 months.  It was super generous of her, and we owe her a huge thank you!  Again we can't thank you enough!!

Finally, thank you to everyone else who has been sending us items for baby, there are too many of you to name individually, but know that I am very blessed to know you.  It is all appreciated, and the love everyone has shown us is so wonderful.  I couldn't ask for better friends and family.   We are so blessed to have you all in our lives!

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