Monday, January 24, 2011

Princess Room

So since we've moved I've not posted any pics of just the house.  This is mainly because in every room there are still little decorative things I want to do before showing the world.  But I have to say Elizabeth's room is almost done.  I have two things to put up and it is finished.  The first is a netting that is going to hang from the ceiling to her headboard and the other is a vinyl wall art piece of a castle.  I got it on ETSY and am waiting on it to arrive.  Everything else is done, including her new TWIN bed.  Such a big girl!!  Anyway, I thought since I was so close I would post some pics and add others later of her additions.

Her chest of drawers, which I painted and Mark added new hardware too.  I painted the bow holder and the hooks for her dress up stuff too.  The Princess sign and Carousel horse are from Grammy.

In the corner of her room looking at the closet (which is full of toys and books).  The castle is going over her trunk.

Another view with the bed in it.

View from the door.  Mirror I painted, the Aurora photo is from Aunt Melissa, her chair is from her Ma, and the curtains we found at Hobby Lobby.
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