Thursday, January 13, 2011

One smart cookie, otherwise known as the troublesome nut.

So you probably think I'm an awful mother.  I mean, I just called my offspring a troublesome nut.  But let's be honest, you have a smart child...yeah, they're trouble.  You see, she just figures stuff out faster than I can keep up with her.  The barrage of questions is never ending, and you constantly have to watch what you say.  I mean this child can work a computer, iPhone, and the dvd player.  She wants to cook, crochet, fold clothes, help clean, hammer, sing, take pictures, read every book, and solve every puzzle.  The only problem with this, is she wants to do it all NOW, and poor ole mommy is struggling to make sure she doesn't say a word she either can't or won't explain to the said child.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm super proud that my little girl knows all her ABC's, has a great vocabulary, and good manners (for a two year old).  I'm just worried that the mom of the child she corrects at whatever said event we're at might mind a little. ;)

Elizabeth and her new keyboard & mouse.  She also got Reader Rabbit Preschool addition.  So far she really likes it!

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