Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Buddies

So Elizabeth and Max are best of buds.  All day she follows Mr. Max along his kitty duties (well, not all his duties), but she can't get enough of him.  She wants him to lay with her, "pet" her (this means hit her with his head for her to actually pet him), and in general hang out with her.  Leaving to go to story time at the library or any other event can sometimes be a small Max doesn't go with us.  Plus when Max "disappears" downstairs (where is kitty box is located) she wanders the house saying "Max, Where are you?".  To boot, it seems she shares a psychic connection with him or at least that's what Elizabeth would have you think.  You see she constantly tells me about what Max thinks of various things.  Like for instance, he doesn't like to go outside (which at the moment is true, I mean it's 20 degrees outside) or my favorite, that he likes to ride on the back of the horse that lives next to us.  I laughed quite hard with that one.  I have to say, I amazed with how much he puts up with.  Now she's not rough with him, as from day one we've been strict on that.  But if I were a cat and a two year old was screaming my name...I'd be running.

Best Buddies hanging out.
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