Friday, January 14, 2011

Good News!

So lots of good news at the moment.  Where to start??

1. It looks like the nursery will be ready to paint tomorrow.  Dad came by and patched the holes, and except for an extra coat of spackle we should be ready to go.  Progress!!

2. I forgot to say anything, but I've got another editor position lined up. HR is drawing up the paperwork and in a week or two I'll be the first format editor they hire.  YAY!!  This will help me transition once my postdoc ends.  Though surprisingly it doesn't have an end date set yet.  I'll be taking a short maternity leave and then going right back to data analysis.  :)  So I've got two jobs...or three if you count my other editor position, but I'm going to keep that extremely low hours.  I've thought about an etsy shop again, but whenever I think about editing and data analysis....I stop myself. ;)

3. We've found a church.  We've really enjoyed the people at Kendricks Creek UMC and hope to talk to the Reverend next week about joining.  This is a big deal for us, as we've felt a little adrift without a church to call home.  It'll be super nice to know we're not moving either.  At our last two churches, we've always known that eventually we'd be definitely dampens the time you spend there.

4. My baby is the sweetest.  Ok, totally mommy moment.  I just had to throw that in there. ha ha. ;)


Nichole said...

Great news! :o) Hope the good news keeps flowing! I love #4!

Kate said...

Thank you!

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