Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Potty Updates

So since my last post, Elizabeth has done well with potty training.  Tuesday was great!  She got up and immediately went to the potty.  YAY!  Then she stayed dry through Kindermusik.  We went to the grocery store after that, and she stayed dry throughout the shopping.  I tried to get her to go potty while we were there, but after we saw the bathroom, neither of us wanted to use it. All I can say is Yuck!  Well, since we didn't go there she had a small accident on the way home.  However, once we got home she went immediately to the bathroom again.  So I think she was able to stop herself in the car.  I was super proud.  She stayed dry through lunch and nap, then had another success after.  We had one more accident that night, but because we weren't able to make it in time.  She told me she had to go and while running down the hall it happened. But I'm so proud of her and her progress.

Today was a little different.  Lots of success, but more accidents today than Tuesday.  I'm still happy though.  Mark was home today and she really enjoys having him go with her.  Plus she is getting so proud.  When she starts to go, her face lights up, she smiles, and she tell anyone nearby what she is doing.  We've told her so many times that we are proud of her, she has starting saying "I'm so proud of you" every time she goes.  It's so cute!!

I'm so happy that she is really getting the hang of it.  I'm sure we have lots of accidents in our future, but we're definitely progressing and a lot faster than I thought.  Tomorrow we are off to story time at the library, we'll see if we can keep up our successes.  She is still striving for that Snow White doll, and I hope that day is fast approaching too. :)

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