Monday, January 24, 2011

Joining the Flock

We have officially joined Kendrick's Creek United Methodist Church!  Mark and I are very excited to have found a wonderful church home.  Mark is planning to join the basketball league, and I'm hoping to join in their crochet club (crocheting for charity).  Next Sunday we hope to go to a new Sunday School class too.  We couldn't be happier, especially since we love the people, Reverend Susan, and the fact that there are other little kids for Elizabeth to play with.  I'm excited to introduce Baby Poppy to the church as well, and this will be the church that she is baptized in.  I'm sure we'll do it about the same age Elizabeth was ~6 months or so.  We'll definitely post lots of pics when that day comes.  Until then, enjoy some older pictures of Elizabeth in her baptismal gown, which is the same one that Baby Poppy will wear (Sorry it's a shameless plug of my Mom's talent, she made the gown and it is gorgeous).  :)

My mom with Elizabeth, she made the beautiful gown.

The three of us.  You can slightly see the embroidery on the hem in this picture.  It has the blessings of God embroidered on it.  GORGEOUS!

Close up of baby and the top of the dress.  The neck line was smocked and the sleeves are embroidered.  The bonnet is a handkerchief that she can carry on her wedding day.  You can also see her cross necklace, all were gifts from Grammy for her special day.

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