Friday, January 14, 2011

Proud Mommy moments

So I'm going to take this moment to post something wonderful about my baby girl.  Warning, this is a totally conceited post that just makes me so proud of her.  If you can't stand that stuff, turn away. ;)

So yesterday, while at the library we went back down to the children's area after story time.  I was selecting a few books for Elizabeth while she played with puzzles.  Elizabeth asked for my help with a puzzle. So we talked about the order of numbers and tried to identify them all to finish it. The lady next to us couldn't believe she was two.  She complement how clearly Elizabeth spoke and the amount of words she knew.  I laughed and told her once the talking started, it hadn't stopped.  Both of us then joked that you work so hard to get them to walk and talk, then spend the rest of your time getting them to sit down and be quiet. ha ha.

Elizabeth has also been showing interest in crafting.  She wants to make a froggie bib.  I think we have a future crocheter in the works. ;)
What size hook do I need?


Nichole said...

So cute! Maybe she can teach Anderson how to talk! LOL

Kate said...

I'm not sure you want her to teach Anderson to talk. He might come home saying things you didn't want to hear. ;) (not dirty words or anything, but she is pretty sassy)

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